How to Breed PomPom in My Singing Monsters 2023

If you can’t figure out how to breed PomPom in My Singing Monsters in 2023, especially the Rare and Epic kinds, we have your back. We’ll explain how PomPom breeding works in MSM, as in, which monster combinations can lead to it. Then, we’ll go over the process of obtaining the higher tiers of PomPom. Here we go.

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how to breed pompom in my singing monsters 2023
How to Breed PomPom in My Singing Monsters 2023

Breeding PomPom in My Singing Monsters

In order to breed PomPom in My Singing Monsters, there are several combinations that you can try out. The first one is Drumpler and Tweedle, which is arguably the best one to go for. This is because it takes the least time for their “product” to hatch, allowing for more attempts. That RNG element in breeding is omnipresent, after all. The other two combos that can result in a PomPom are Noggin and Pango and Mammott and Cybop.

Now, if you already have a PomPom, you can lean into breeding failures to get more. The best combination in that case is to breed a PomPom and a rare PomPom, but I recognize that not many people will have access to both of these. So, instead, you can cross PomPom with Quarrister, Riff, or Noggin.

How to Breed Epic and Rare PomPom in My Singing Monsters

Figuring out how to breed Rare and Epic PomPom in My Singing Monsters is a more complicated matter. Let’s start with the Rare PomPom. The combinations for getting one of those are the same as for the regular PomPom, but during specific Special Occasions. Keep an eye on the various in-game events to see when to go for it. Alternatively, you can use the crossings with PomPom we’ve described above and hope for a Rare PomPom as a breeding failure. The odds are low, but hey, worth a shot.

As for the Epic PomPom, things get even more complicated. Again, you should only attempt the combinations we’re about to list during special events. With that said, in order to get the highest tier of PomPom, you need to combine T-Rox and Cybop on Air Island, Shugabush and Mammott on on Shugabush Island, and/or Reedling and Drumpler on Earth Island.

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