CoD Alpha Start Time

The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War alpha is supposed to start today, on September 18th. It’s available to all Playstation 4 players, free of charge, and you won’t even need a PS Plus subscription. You can already start the 25 GB download, but lots of players are wondering when exactly will they be able to start playing. This guide will show you the CoD alpha start time, so you know when to start trying.

cod alpha start time
CoD Alpha Start Time

When does CoD Alpha start?

The CoD Cold War alpha start time is set for 10 AM PDT, on September 18th. This translates to 1 PM EDT or 7 PM CEST. If you’re down under, that’s 3 AM on September 19th.

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If you’re in Germany, you’re pretty much the only one that will have to have a valid Playstation Plus subscription – something to do with age gating. Since you’ll be spending your time testing a game that might be highly unstable, the developers will reward your effort with a unique calling card. It’s a good deal – they get free labor, and you get to play an unfinished, buggy mess instead of waiting for the smooth & sleek final release.

As for the contents of the alpha itself, there will be four game modes – three pretty standard ones and one brand new. The oldies are Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination, and the new kid on the block is called Combined Arms: Domination. It’s like regular domination, only bigger – 12v12, with tanks, snowmobiles and plants and birds and rocks and things.

The regular 6v6 modes will be playable across three maps – Miami, Moscow and Satellite. The first two are urban environments set in the cities the maps were named after, while the third one is set in the Angolan desert. Combined Arms: Domination will be playable on two maps – Armada and Crossroads. The first one’s set on ships in the middle of the ocean, while the other is in the Siberian wilderness.

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