Destiny 2 Gambit Tricks & Tips - How to Get Secret Triumphs

Gambit in Destiny 2 Forsaken is a PvPvE activity. It pits two teams against each other, but also adds a bunch of enemies to the mix. Destiny 2 Gambit is a game of strategy, because it allows you to mess with the enemy team, by sending more enemies or invading them directly. The objective in Gambit is to collect motes and summon the primeval boss before the other team does. Plus, there are also hidden Secret Triumphs you can earn in Gambit. So, with all of that in mind, here’s our Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit tips & tricks guide.

Destiny 2 Gambit Tricks & Tips - How to Get Secret Triumphs
Destiny 2 Gambit Tricks & Tips – How to Get Secret Triumphs

Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit – Collecting Motes & Blocking

First off, the collecting of motes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the aim is not to get the most motes. It’s not a competition; you’re all working for a common goal. Therefore, do not steal motes from under the noses of your team mates, especially not if they’re closer to fifteen than you. If, however, you’re near an important number (5, 10, 15), then go for it, as Reddit user Limelight_019283 points out.

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Mote-collecting is a team sport. Try to set up motes for other people with more of them, rather than trying to bank as many as possible yourself. As Reddit user SymbiotePrime points out, if you main long-distance weapon, stay behind and do the cleaning from a distance. If you main shotguns and other more close-quarter weapons, go into the fray. Communicate, and play as a team.

In this phase, and in every other, sending enemies to block the enemy bank is important. Even if you can only scrounge up some measly enemies, that still counts. If you see the enemy team about to score a huge bank (their gray bar is going far up), start sending whatever you can. This will buy you some time to catch up. Sometimes, even spamming low-level annoyances is often better than saving up for throwing a major threat; depending on the situation, of course.

Invading & Defending in Destiny 2 Gambit

Invading in Gambit is just as important as collecting and banking motes for your team. Timing is important, pretty much like with blockers. The first thing you absolutely have to do if you’re about to invade the other team is to bank any motes that you might have. You don’t want to go right into enemy fire, get inevitably killed, and just let them have those motes.

There are two valid moments for invading. The first one is when they have a whole bunch of motes to bank (again, watch their gray bar). That is the moment where you really want to hurt them. No point in attacking if they have nothing to bank. Plus, if you kill players that have a bunch of motes, they’re all yours to steal. Again, make sure that invading can legitimately hurt the other team.

The second time when you want to invade is when the enemy team has summoned their primeval and have already chipped off some of the health. Do not invade right after their primeval appears, it’s pointless. You want to get in there after they start really doing damage, so that you can heal the opposing primeval with kills. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up to be the target without standing to gain much.

As for defending against invasions, the tasks are clear: protect the player with the most motes, and eliminate the enemy as soon as possible. If they start healing your primeval, it might even pay off to focus fire on the invader, and then return to the boss. They will spawn in much the same places that you spawn in when you invade, so at least somebody in the team will know where the invader can come from. So, one of you should take cover immediately when the game tells you that an invader is coming and wait for the enemy to arrive. The invader is likely going to make a beeline for the player with the most motes, so, if you’re confident enough, you can use that player as bait to draw the invader into the line of fire. Aim for the head, and shoot true. Handcannons are a godsend in these situations.

On that note, much the same strategy applies when the opposing team sends in their blockers to mess with you. If you have a bunch of motes, stay well away. Players that are low on motes should clear out the threats, because, at that point, they’re just more expendable.

How to Beat Primeval in Gambit

The strategy for defeating the primeval boss in Gambit mode is fairly simple, but the fact of the matter is, it’s the other team that are going to make things truly difficult. Speaking about the battle itself, make sure to kill the Wizards, as that makes taking the primeval easier to take down. Killing adds in general is a pretty good idea, because they can give you buffs. That is the “easy” part.

Again, the hard part of this is managing the other team. They will throw invaders at you, so that will have to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Also, odds are, they will also be battling their primeval. The catch here is to not invade them unless the respective health bars start getting to close. If you’re near destroying your boss, and they’ve barely started on theirs, don’t leave your team. Focus on bringing your boss down, and invade only if your victory is in jeopardy.

How to Get Gambit Secret Triumphs in Destiny 2 Forsaken

There are several different Secret Triumphs in Gambit in Destiny 2 Forsaken. As you’d expect, they all revolve around different aspects and activities that you have to do in Gambit. One of the Secret Triumphs is In Sync. To get this trophy in Gambit, your fireteam has to deposit sixty motes at the same time, “during any match of Gambit.” In other words, four members of the fireteam have to get up to fifteen motes, and then all four have to bank them simultaneously. Pretty tough, but you can pull it off.

Another one of the Secret Triumphs is Protect The Runner. This one is even more difficult to get. The requirement is for one member of a fireteam to deposit over a hundred motes over the course of the match, without losing any. Basically, this means that only one of you would be doing all the mote collecting and depositing, while the rest of the team is purely there to clear the way. Hence the name. Sounds annoying, but there you have it.

We’re sure that we’ve missed a number of other Secret Triumphs in Gambit. We’ll make sure to update the guide as we discover more; feel free to point other triumphs out in the comments, as well as any other tips and tricks you might have for Gambit. If you need some help with something else in Forsaken, check out some of our other guides, including How to Level Up Fast in Destiny 2 Forsaken, Ascendant Chest Locations, Plaguebreaker Bounty, and others.

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