Pet Simulator X Update Log Christmas 2022 Part 2

If you are looking for the Pet Sim X Update Log for Christmas 2022 Update Part 2, you’ve come to the right place! The next part of the Christmas 2022 event in Pet Sim X is here! And it comes filled to the brim with new content! It features Titanic Pets, Titanic Mounting, Inventory, Grinch Theft Event, Gold Snowman Egg, and much more! Read on to learn everything you need to know about Pet Simulator X Update Log Christmas 2022 Part 2!

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Pet Simulator X Update Log Christmas 2022 Part 2

Pet Sim X Update Log, Christmas 2022 Update Part 2

The Pet Sim X developers, BIG Games, have finally released the second part of the 2022 Christmas event. And there are a lot of new things which we can’t wait to play! Below you’ll find the full patch notes for all the new things in this update. Thus, without further ado, here’s everything that’s new in Pet Simulator X Update Log Christmas 2022 Part 2:

Pet Simulator X Christmas 2022 Update Part 2 Patch Notes

  • Titanic Pets
    • The Titanic Jolly Cat is unfrozen! Presenting Titanic pets!
    • These pets are the first rideable pets. They are 5x stronger than your best pet.
    • They are hatchable as golden, rainbow, and shiny. However, getting one is super rare!
  • Titanic Mounting
    • Ready to ride? Tap on your Titanic pet in the world to mount it!
    • These pets are quite speedy and can jump really high. Check them out!
  • Titanic Inventory
    • The Titanic pets are visually unique in the inventory.
    • They are MASSIVE, sorted first, have a new crown symbol, and a zoomed-in icon!

New Events

  • Grinch Theft Event
    • Uh oh! The Grinch is here to ruin Christmas by freezing pets!
    • Every 4 hours, the grinch may prevent Santa Paws’ sledge from coming.
    • To save Christmas, you’ll have to help break 25 pets out of ice blocks!
    • Receive rewards such as gingerbread, loot bags, a giant snowman, and the pet inside.
  • Gold Snowman Egg
    • At the end of the North Pole, lies the Golden Snowman Egg.
    • This OP egg features the Titanic Jolly Cat and Mrs. Claws! The titanic chances are super rare!
    • The titanic will be removed from this egg after 24 hours, so make sure to test your luck!
    • Also, the Huge Jolly Penguin drop rate is doubled in this egg!
  • New Exclusive Egg
    • Check out the new exclusive egg for a better chance at scoring the Titanic Jolly Cat!
    • This egg is only available for the next 80 hours!
    • This will be your best bet for scoring the titanic, so act quick!
  • Christmas Event Quests
    • Complete a series of quests for HUGE rewards, including Gingerbread, Diamonds, Boosts, and even an exclusive Reindeer Hoverboard!
    • Can you complete all the quests and score the hoverboard?
  • Santa Paws’ Cottage
    • Santa Paws is home! Knock to visit and enter his secret cottage!
  • Golden Gingerbread Chest
    • Found in Santa Paws’ cottage, it’ll take some time to break!
    • If you can manage to break it, you’ll get a big helping of gingerbread!
  • Candy Cane Breakable
    • Candy Canes can now be found in the Christmas world! Break them for a lot of gingerbread!


  • Increased Gem Cap
    • The gem cap has been increased by 10x in player inventory and the bank! Hooray!
  • Buffed Santa Paws Sleigh
    • Santa has taken notice of the grinch’s evil plans!
    • Santa Paws now drops pets from the first 5 Christmas eggs at random, with way more loot bags!
  • Mail Improvements
    • The mailman has been busy! The mailbox has received a handful of user experience upgrades!
  • Please note that the mailbox is temporarily disabled as we resolve some bugs!
    • Rejected gifts are now returned to the sender. If the sender rejects again, they will be deleted.
    • Added Mailbox log history. Tap these messages to send mail back!
    • Added a confirmation popup when pressing “Claim All!”
    • Added a button to accept multiple gifts at a time.
    • Added a button to reject multiple gifts at a time.
    • While in either accept or reject mode, there’s now a button to “Select All.”
    • Optimized mailbox events and update times. The mailbox should feel a lot faster.
    • Added a warning if you include the word “sign” in your mail message.
    • Partners are not guaranteed to return your pet in the mail. They are swamped, making excellent content!
  • Forced Notifications
    • We’ve been using notifications for many context-related messages.
    • Many players have these disabled and are missing out on information.
    • Some notification messages will now bypass the notifications toggle!
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