Can't Download PS5 Deluxe & Ultimate Pre Order Outfit ce-107880-4 error - Life is Strange: True Colors

The long-awaited Life Is Strange: True Colors is out, and PS5 players are getting a strange ce-107880-4 error that makes it so that Deluxe & Ultimate owners can’t download their pre-order outfit items. This includes the Hero Outfit Pack, the Alex Outfit pack, and the Deluxe Upgrade/Wavelengths. In fact, we experienced this error ourselves as well. In this Can’t Download PS5 Deluxe & Ultimate Pre Order Outfit ce-107880-4 error – Life is Strange: True Colors guide, we will be looking at this particular error and seeing what the solution for this irritating issue is.

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Can't Download PS5 Deluxe & Ultimate Pre Order Outfit ce-107880-4 error - Life is Strange True Colors

How To Fix the PS5 ce-107880-4 Error in Life is Strange: True Colors

It’s safe to say that the PS5 version of Life is Strange: True Colors, hasn’t gone very smoothly. Currently, there are two major issues that PlayStation 5 players are getting. The first of these errors is related to the game not acknowledging Ultimate Edition owners as such. Instead, the game is “demoting” them, and flagging them as Deluxe Edition instead. The other, much more serious error, is prohibiting PS5 Deluxe and Ultimate Edition owners alike from being able to download the pre-order outfits they should have gotten. So, is there anything you can do to fix this on your side?

Currently, there isn’t anything that players can do to fix this themselves. The developer is aware of this issue and, to quote them directly: “We’re looking into this now, thanks!” It’s unfortunate that hiccups like this can happen even for big releases such as this. But, as of now, there isn’t anything left to do except to wait and leave it to the developers to fix this on their end. We completely understand that this is negatively impacting your enjoyment of the game and that you pre-ordered it for a good reason, but as it stands now, the makers of Life is Strange: True Colors know about this ce-107880-4 error problem, and they will certainly fix it very soon.

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  1. S

    So all I can do is wait? That makes no sense. It’s been almost a month since the game came out and I can’t play the dlc that I paid for. What the hell.

  2. S

    Seems to be a regular issue with PS5’s and pre-order/other bonus content. I’m currently trying to get my POB for KeyWe, but I’ve seen other threads report similar issues with INTERmission and Outriders. It seemed like they just had an update and it fixed it, but who knows how/when it’ll be fixed.

    1. C
      Claire Morgan

      I’m also struggling to get my Preorder Bonus for Keywe to download. Really disappointing 🙁

    2. R

      Also have the same error for the Early Bird Pack pre-order bonus for KeyWe. Works fine on PS4 but PS5 just gives me the same error message I got with Life Is Strange Trye Colours bonus outfits.

      Raised the issue with PlayStation support, sent them screenshots to show the error, 8 days later still no response or fix. 🙁

  3. A
    Adam Ferracuti

    Also for ps4, the same problem.

  4. J
    John Camp

    Is there an update? It’s been almost 3 months now, and I still can’t download it.

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