How to Fast Travel - Tales of Arise

The question of how to fast travel in Tales of Arise is definitely going to be something a lot of players are going to be asking. After all, this is an RPG that takes place in a vast world, and getting around quickly can be pretty important. It’d be pretty awful if you had to get around without some kind of teleportation system. Well, fortunately, Tales of Arise does indeed have the option to get around quickly. So, in our How to Fast Travel – Tales of Arise guide, we’ll show you how to unlock and use the system.

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how to fast travel tales of arise
How to Fast Travel – Tales of Arise

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Tales of Arise

To unlock fast travel in Tales of Arise, you just have to play through the main quests until you get far enough. Specifically, during the main mission called Battle Preparations, you’ll eventually make your way to the Fagan Ruins. After you clear this area and come out into the open again, you’ll unlock the option to fast travel. This happens around three or four hours into the game, assuming you’ve done some side missions and haven’t just been pushing the main story. If you’ve been ignoring the side content, you might get there even faster. From there, as you explore the world and uncover campgrounds and other locations, you’ll discover further fast travel points.

So, how do you actually use fast travel? Well, once you have the option unlocked, open the map screen (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox). Next, press Triangle (or whatever your equivalent is) to display a list of fast travel points that you’ve unlocked thus far. Select the one you want to go to, and boom, that’s it. That’s how to fast travel in Tales of Arise. Mind you, you’ll automatically unlock access to all fast travel points in areas you’ve already visited. And yes, you can fast travel from any point on the map, which is great. The only catch is that some areas might become inaccessible in certain parts of the story.

If you need help with any other things in the game, feel free to check out some of our other Tales of Arise guides. For example, we’ve written articles like How to Increase Cure Points, How to Fight Mesmald Secret Boss, and How to Use Items. We’ve got more coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned.

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