Can't Feed Animals Disney Dreamlight Valley, WALL-E Quest Fix

Are you unable to give food to animals after you’ve accepted WALL-E’s quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cute-looking Animal Crossing-like adventure where we meet a host of iconic Disney and Pixar characters, hang out with them, and do friendship quests for them. Also, we can grow plants, collect seafood, and even feed animals! However, many players are encountering problems regarding the last-mentioned activity. If you can’t feed animals and complete WALL-E’s quest, read on as we explain why is this happening and how it can be fixed.

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Can't Feed Animals Disney Dreamlight Valley, WALL-E Quest Fix

How to Fix Can’t Feed Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Giving Food Not Working Solution

Among numerous other activities in Disney Dreamlight Valley, one of the cutest things you can do is to interact with various animals. In true Disney fashion, you will be able to talk with these critters and feed them their favourite food. However, some players might find out that they are unable to feed the animals once they accept the “It’s good to be home” quest from WALL-E. Despite you being able to give food to rabbits and squirrels previously. Why you can’t feed rabbits, squirrels, and other animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The thing is, you actually can! This is not a bug. Rather, it’s another case of bad communication on the game’s side. In Disney Dreamlight Valley there’s a daily limit/cooldown for animal feeding. You can only give food to animals once per day! That means, if you give them some food they don’t like, you have wasted your opportunity to feed them for that day. The cooldown uses real-life time, which means 24 hours, and you will only be able to feed them the next day. So there you have it, now you know why you can’t feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley and finish the WALL-E quest. There’s a one-day cooldown, but the game doesn’t tell you that.

Can't Feed Animals Disney Dreamlight Valley, WALL-E Quest Fix
You will not be able to complete WALL-E’s quest until the next day If you’ve already fed the animals on the current day.
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  1. C

    You just have to have a carrot and corner one of the rabbits. If you have the material to build a fence you can memorize where one is on the map and build it around you and the rabbit. It’s a bit glitchy regardless of the fence but you can chase them and mash the interact button to bring up the feed menu.

  2. T
    Taylor Schaiper

    It’s been two real-life days, and I still can’t feel the animals. What do I do now?

    1. C

      It doesn’t even give me the option to feed the animals I walk up to them and nothing happens. 🙁
      I need to help WALL-E I waited a whole day it’s still not letting me.

  3. J

    It’s been well over 24 hours and I never got around to feeding the tiny gators before I got Wall-E. My issue is, I get a prompt to feed them and when I am in the menu to give them an item (with Wall-E following me of course) I just cannot DO anything. Cannot select an Apple, cannot select a shrimp or lobster anything. The game is not letting me progress to feeding them despite knowing well I’ve never fed certain critters.

  4. M
    Melanin Mariposx

    I had the same issue y’all! But if you temporarily change the time in your PS setting manually, this will rid of that annoying barrier. I just did it and it worked 😀

    1. R

      What time zone did you use to get past the barrier?

  5. A

    Hey don’t do this, time traveling will break your game

  6. B

    I can only feed a few squirrels, a rabbit and the sunbirds in sunlit plateu but every other critter just runs away

  7. K

    So, you give us this ‘magical advice’ but you never take in account that a lot of people don’t even get the option to try to feed most of the animals. I can ONLY feed the squirrels and sunbirds. Everything else runs away, hides, flies above, with absolutely no prompts given.

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