Century Age of Ashes Redeem Code, Founder’s Packs Redemption, Discord Roles

Century: Age of Ashes has launched, and many people are having problems with the redeem code, discord roles and redemption of the founder’s packs. A free-to-play title, Age of Ashes lets you pilot a dragon in sky-based combat. You can compete to be a legendary Dragoneer, making allies and downing enemies. With such a hotly anticipated title, there often comes teething problems on launch day. Read on as we solve the issues and tell you how to use the redeem code, discord roles, and redeem the founder’s pack in Century.

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Century Age of Ashes Redeem Code, Founder’s Packs Redemption, Discord Roles
Century Age of Ashes Redeem Code, Founder’s Packs Redemption, Discord Roles

Launch day for Century; Age of Ashes has had a fair few problems. Players are finding the game crashes on startup, or they then can’t connect to the network. Even when you do get on, for some people XP was often not given after a match. An update from the developers seemed to suggest a resolution of the network issues. Players noticed otherwise.

One of the major issues Age of Ashes has been redeeming founder packs. Three were available in total: Wyvern, Behemoth, and Leviathan. These pre-game packs offered you limited edition skins, extra gems, icons, and boosters. Redeeming them seemed to be harder than it should be.

How to Redeem Founder’s Pack in Century Age of Ashes

If you cannot redeem the founder’s pack, then head to Steam. Right-click on the Century: Age of Ashes listing then go to the DLC. Check that the icon next to your founder’s pack has a tick next to it. You then have to download it, and it should work.

How to Redeem Discord Role Code in Century Age of Ashes

You can redeem your discord role code on the Age of Ashes in-game profile. Head to the profile and click on the discord button. Copy the code into the box and it will be sent to the discord bot named Phantom. You must then use the command !gift (Enter your code). This will assign the role linked to the Founders Pack that you picked.

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