Treasure Chest Location Forza Horizon 5 Hold Your Horses Treasure Hunt

Like all Forza Horizon 5 players know, Treasure Hunts are some of the most interesting and rewarding, but also challenging, things you can do in that game. The newly-added Hold Your Horses Treasure Hunt is no different. In order to complete this and find the treasure, you will need to complete a very specific in-game challenge first. What you need to do is to earn 10 Stars from PR Stunts in any Mustang to open up the Treasure Clue which will point you in the right way. Our Treasure Chest Location Forza Horizon 5 Hold Your Horses Treasure Hunt guide will not just how to complete it, but also show you the exact location of the treasure chest that you will get as your reward.

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Treasure Chest Location Forza Horizon 5 Hold Your Horses Treasure Hunt

Where to Find Treasure Chest – Forza Horizon 5 Hold Your Horses Treasure Hunt

To uncover the Hold Your Horses Treasure Clue, you will need to earn 10 stars from any PR stunts in any model Mustang. So, it doesn’t matter which Mustang model car you use for this, only that it is a Mustang. As you can see in our video down below, we used the 1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback for this. Once you have completed this challenge and earned 10 stars from doing PR stunts, the Treasure Clue will unlock and you will be able to see where the Hold Your Horses treasure chest is located. When you open the menu for that Treasure Hunt, you will also see that the hint has been unlocked.

The Treasure Chest is somewhere near a bridge. That isn’t too much to go on by itself, but coupled with the location being marked on your map, it isn’t too hard to figure out where you need to go next. We’ve marked that location on the screenshot down below. Go to this location and drive into the Treasure Chest when you see it. This will earn you 50,000 CR.

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