Sea of Thieves Fireworks & Signal Flares

In the many new features brought to Sea of Thieves, fireworks and signal flares are one. Primarily for illumination, then can get you out of some tricky situations. This comes as part of the game’s fifth season, Buried Treasures. So how do these new additions work? Below, we give our guide on fireworks and signal flares in Sea of Thieves.

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Sea of Thieves Fireworks & Signal Flares
Sea of Thieves Fireworks & Signal Flares

Signal flares and fireworks are one of many new additions in season 5. They arrive alongside treasure maps, which allow you to stash your gold and leave maps for others to find it. All this combines to make it an in-depth swashbuckling experience. 

Both fireworks and signal flares can work as lighting. Other than this, they don’t do an awful lot. Fireworks can blind enemies with their dazzling brightness. In very small instances you may even be able to set ships on fire with them. Other than this, they just tend to look pretty.

Flares are actually more useful. This is because the light given off lasts much longer. You can use them to communicate with allies or to illuminate land and other ships in the darkness.

Where to Get Fireworks and Signal Flares in Sea of Thieves

When you get a new ship, make sure to check the cannons. Each ship now comes stocked with two signal flares, one red and one white. These will be in the cannonball barrel.

Other than this, both flares and fireworks reside throughout the game. Aside from random insertion into resources barrels, brand new firework-specific crates are lying on beaches. Keep a lookout for them as you traverse island shores.

You can also buy them. They come in themed bundle packs, each setting you back 20,000 gold. The Merchant’s Alliance member at any outpost should keep these in stock for you.

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