Chip and Dip Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Chip and Dip Dubai challenge is a side activity that you can complete in this mission, and it requires you to obtain the Server Room Keycard and hack into the main terminal by obtaining admin privileges. This requires you to jump through several hoops, including subduing the person carrying the keycard and interacting with the correct server in order to hack the terminal. Of course, this can easily prove to be quite the challenge. That being the case, here’s our Chip and Dip Hitman 3 guide to hopefully make things easier for you.

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chip and dip hitman 3
Chip and Dip Hitman 3

How to Complete Hitman 3 Chip and Dip Dubai Challenge?

To complete the Chip and Dip Hitman 3 Dubai challenge, you have to get to the server room. There’s not much you can do there at the moment, so proceed through the door marked “Maintenance.” This will take you to the maintenance corridor, in which you’ll see two workers milling around. The man is your main target right now, since he holds the Server Room Keycard. However, the woman is the bigger issue, since she can see through your charade. Be very, very careful in your approach.

Alternatively, you can do what we did, which is get them both and cram them into a locker. I know, so classy of us; shaddap, it works. Either way, make sure to pick up the Server Room Keycard. The next step to completing the Chip and Dip Hitman 3 challenge in Dubai is to go back to the server room. Approach the terminal screen, and a keycard reader will raise from the ground. Swipe the card through it, and you’ll be notified that something has changed in the room. Thanks, game.

What has changed is, in fact that the text on one of the servers around you has turned yellow. It changes at every playthrough, so look carefully. Interact with the server with the yellow text, and you’ll complete the task without the alarm going off. This should complete the Hitman 3 Chip & Dip Dubai challenge. Approach the terminal, and see what fun things you can do now that you have admin privileges.

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