Hitman 3 Black Gold Eye Challenge

Black Gold Eye is one of the challenges on the Dubai map in Hitman 3. To complete it, you’ll have to kill Carl Ingram by imapling him on the oil rig model in his office. The deed itself is simple, but getting him to stand in front of the model is the hard part. If you’re having trouble goading him into the right spot, our Hitman 3 Black Gold Eye challenge guide will show you what to do.

hitman 3 black gold eye challenge
Hitman 3 Black Gold Eye Challenge

How to complete Black Gold Eye?

To complete this challenge, you’ll have to play through the Bird of Prey story mission. If you track it from the menu, helpful markers will appear throughout. To start it, go up the stairs from the main lobby, then right. Keep going that way until you run into a man arguing with the staff about being denied access to an area.

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Wait until he gives up and takes a seat in the garden. Lure him into a secluded part of the garden and subdue him. Take his clothes, then get rid of any illegal items – the kind that would be discovered during a pat-down. Approach the guards by the stairs and let them frisk you.

Talk to the receptionst, and she’ll take you to a meeting with Ingram. He’ll ask you to get rid of a certain journalist at the party. Follow the marker to find your target, then lure him away from the crowd and deal with him. Take a picture once you’re done, and bring it to the receptionst you talked to earlier.

There’s a bug that might prevent you from progressing – we’ve written about the solution for it in our Bird of Prey bug guide. Once you get to Ingram again, he’ll send all the guards out, except for one. Wait for him to approach the oil rig model, then quietly deal with the guard. After that, all that’s left is to get behind Ingram and push him.

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