Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2022

Christmas 2022 is almost here. To celebrate this, developer Supercell has decided to give us the last huge update to Clash of Clans for this year. This Clash of Clans December Update 2022 is going to bring a lot of new things into the game. This includes new events, rewards, obstacles, scenery, skins, and more. We’re going to go over all of these in our Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2022 guide. Let’s dive right into it.

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Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2022
Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2022

When is CoC Christmas Update 2022?

So when is the Clash of Clans Christmas update going to come out? Well, the update has arrived this Monday, December 12th, 2022. As usual, the severs for the game are going to be offline for a while to allow the devs to deploy this latest update. This routine maintenance is expected to last for about an hour, though there’s always the chance that this could be extended if there are any unforeseen issues on the devs’ side.

Clash of Clans Christmas Trees, New Scenery, Obstacles & Skins

Let’s start with everything that we know for certain. The Jolly Queen skin is going to feature the titular Queen, armed with a Candy cane gun that shoots out cookies. A brand-new Winter Scenery is also arriving into the game, as we could see in the preview videos for the update itself. The new scenery looks great, a nice mix of Winter and Holiday-themed esthetics. Speaking of which, we are also getting a new Christmas Tree. This Xmas Tree is going to function as a new obstacle in the game.

To help you get accustomed to all of these changes, a Winter Challenge is going to test out your knowledge and skill. We don’t know much about it, but it’s definitely going to revolve around new winter-themed troops, like the Jolly Queen, and possibly Ice Wizard and Ice Baby Dragon. Finally, there’s also the time-limited new spell – Santa’s Surprise. All in all, this Christmas Update

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