Clash Royale Phoenix Card

The Clash Royale Phoenix card is a new card that you’ll be able to get as soon as the new October 2022 update drops. It is a Legendary card, and it will feature an interesting mechanic that should be fun to play around with. In this guide, we are going to show you what the Phoenix card does and more.

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clash royale phoenix card
Clash Royale Phoenix Card

Phoenix Card Clash Royale

The Phoenix card in Clash Royale is one of two new cards the developers will add in the upcoming October update. The second one is, of course, the Monk; a card that’s pretty interesting in its own right. However, we’re only interested in the Phoenix here. So, what does this Legendary card do? Well, the Phoenix costs four Elixir to play, and it deals melee damage to both air and ground units. Makes sense, considering that the Phoenix is a bird, right? It does some really good damage and has a fair amount of HP. However, its greatest asset is its special ability. When defeated, the Phoenix explodes and deals AOE damage, then turns into an egg. If the Egg is not destroyed in time, the Phoenix is reborn at full health (only once per deploy).

So, that’s what the Clash Royale Phoenix card does. You can see how having a unit that basically has two full lives can be very, very useful. At the very least, it’s an interesting mechanic. Now the question is, how do you get the Phoenix card? Well, unfortunately, the announcement doesn’t say anything about it. In that post, the developers explain how to unlock the Monk card, but not the Phoenix. Based on some stuff I’ve seen people say all over the internet, the flaming bird will be in Arena 12, aka the spooky town. At the time of writing, the update is not out yet, so we haven’t been able to confirm this. We’ll update the guide as soon as we know more.

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