How to Get Monk Clash Royale

The Clash Royale October 2022 update is here, and with it – two brand-new cards for players to obtain and play with. These are the Monk and the Phoenix. For the purposes of this particular guide, we are going to focus on the Monk here. So if you were wondering how to get the Monk in Clash Royale, then we recommend that you read on. We will cover not just the means of how to unlock this card, but all the other info about it as well – right here.

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How to Get Monk Clash Royale
How to Get Monk Clash Royale

When is Monk Coming to Clash Royale

The Monk is coming to Clash Royale as soon as the October 2022 update is out. You can read more about it and its release time in our Clash Royale October 2022 Update guide.

How to Get Monk Card in Clash Royale

To unlock the Monk Card in Clash Royale, you need to get 6500 Trophies on the Trophy Road in the Arena. The Monk is a Champion Card and unlocking these is now just like unlocking any other card in the game. Meaning, you can only do it in the Arena. You can’t get it from a Royal Wild Chest or any other way, it’s only unlockable once your reach 6500 Trophies. Now, let’s see more about the Monk and how this Card plays.

Its rarity is Champion. The Monk targets the Ground, its Elixir cost is 4, speed medium, range medium melee, hit combo 0.9 seconds, and combo pushback 1.8 tiles. The Monk attacks with a powerful 3-hit barrage, with the final hit being a powerful combo pushback that deals extra damage. The Monk’s special ability is the Pensive Protection. It is a protective aura that the Monk projects over himself and nearby allies. It reduces damage and deflects incoming projectiles (such as those pesky Rockets).

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