How to Get Banner Tokens Clash Royale

If you’re wondering how to get Banner Tokens in Clash Royale, you’re not the only one. The new “currency” has just been added to the game in the latest summer update, so of course some people are still a bit confused. So, we’ve decided to write this guide, in which we’ll explain everything you need to know about Banner Tokens, including what Battle Banners are and more.

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how to get banner tokens clash royale
How to Get Banner Tokens Clash Royale

How to Get Banner Tokens in Clash Royale

You get Clash Royale Banner Tokens via Special Challenges and as Mastery Rewards. At time of writing, those are the only two ways to obtain this new currency; however, the developers have hinted that there will be other avenues in the future. You can have up to two hundred Banner Tokens at any one time. The exception is if you’ve already collected all the Banner Box items for that season, but keep earning Tokens. In that case, you’ll be able to store more than two hundred.

So, what are the Banner Tokens actually for? Well, you use them to open Banner Boxes. One opening costs a hundred Tokens. You can also use Gems to open these Boxes, but the cost will grow every time. What’s inside the Banner Boxes, I hear you ask? Why, Frames and Decorations to spruce up your Battle Banner. So, that’s what you need to get Banner Tokens in Clash Royale for. It’s not a must, of course; just cosmetic stuff that you can completely ignore if you so choose. Keep in mind that, according to the latest patch notes, there are no duplicate items in Banner Boxes; every time you open one, you’ll get something you don’t already own.

Last, but not least, what are Battle Banners? They’re like a little card that will be shown at the start of each Battle. Kinda like player cards in the new Mortal Kombat games. You can customize your banner in several ways, including pinning achievement badges (such as the secret Easter egg badge) on it to show off your successes.

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