Clash Royale Stuck on News Screen Explained

Clash Royale is a wildly popular mobile game in which you control a group of Card-based characters, in RTS-style battles against the opposing team. Of course, since it is an online game, it suffers from some problems that often plague titles such as this. One of these is the Stuck on News Screen error that causes your game to refuse to load and allow you to actually play the game. But what is the cause of this stuck on start error and is there any solution that will allow you to fix it? We’re going to answer all of these questions and more in our Clash Royale Stuck on News Screen Explained guide.

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Clash Royale Stuck on News Screen Explained
Clash Royale Stuck on News Screen Explained

Clash Royale Stuck on News Royale Explained

This is an issue that has been plaguing the game and its playerbase for a while now. Several years, in fact. When you try to start the game, instead of it loading up as usual, you will instead be stuck in a perpetual News Screen, without the option to begin playing it. So what is the cause of this? Well, while we can’t be a 100% sure – after all, we’re not the developers of the game – this appears to be connected to the maintenance of the game, during which it is offline and being updated.

We recommend that you check our Clash Royale Maintenance & Server Downtime guide to see whether or not scheduled maintenance is currently in progress and how long it is supposed to last. We are constantly updating that guide with the latest info, so it is a reliable way to find out if you are able to play the game or not. The only reliable way to get rid of the Stuck on News Screen in Clash Royale is to be patient and wait until the maintenance is over. After that, you should then be able to access the game without trouble.

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