Clover Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Running your own Cake Shop in Cookie Run Kingdom is a lot of fun, but it also comes with many challenges that you need to overcome. This comes in the form of cake requests from the Cookies that shop at your place. Each Cookie will have its own preferences and ideas about how they want its unique cake to look like. Naturally, this reflects their personalities. Take Clover Cookie as an example. He wants you to bake him a cake that will inspire him to write a new ballad. He also wants the cake in question to have a few frosting. But this doesn’t tell you an exact number, and many players are left wondering exactly how much is “few”? Well, in this guide, we’re going to show you how to make the Clover Cookie Cake in Cookie Run Kingdom from start to finish and get 5 stars.

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Clover Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Clover Cookie Cake Order & Recipe, Cookie Run Kingdom

Clover Cookie wants a Silky Milk Cream Cake. In our case, he requested this cake to have two tiers (layers), but since this is randomized, it may be a different number for you. Pay attention to what he says when he orders it. Next – the tricky part, the frosting. He requested a few Milk Frostings. So, a few he shall get. We managed to do this by putting exactly four Milk Frostings on top of the Clover Cookie Cake. He doesn’t want any Toppings, so all that’s left now is to wrap up the cake and present it to Clover Cookie himself.

If you have done everything correctly, he will be very happy with the way the cake has turned out and he will give you 5 stars. And that’s how to successfully bake the cake for Clover Cookie in CRK.

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