Even Fish Are Festive Disney Dreamlight Valley

Even Fish Are Festive in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of five Festive Duties you can do during the holiday season. Players have been having trouble with this one, being completely unable to catch a single festive fish. In this guide, we’ll explain why that is, as well as how to complete the task once it finally becomes available properly.

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even fish are festive disney dreamlight valley
Even Fish Are Festive Disney Dreamlight Valley

Even Fish Are Festive Disney Dreamlight Valley Festive Duty

The Disney Dreamlight Valley “Even Fish Are Festive” Festive Duty requires you to catch five different holiday-themed fishes. These are just Christmas versions of regular aquatic animals you can catch. You can tell by the little Santa hats that they’re wearing. In the list below, we’ll show you which fish have the special festive version and where you can catch them. You probably already know most of them, but just in case, we’ll go over all of them.

  • Festive Anglerfish – caught in Forgotten Lands
  • Festive Bass – caught in Peaceful Meadow
  • Festive Fugu – caught in Dazzle Beach (but only when it’s raining)
  • Festive Salmon – caught in Sunlit Plateau
  • Festive Squid – caught in Glade of Trust

So, those are the five animals you’ll have to catch to complete the “Even Fish Are Festive” Disney Dreamlight Valley Festive Duty. Seems simple enough, right? And yet, you’ve fished and fished, and caught precisely zero fishies with Santa hats. Are you doing something wrong? Is it a bug? The answer is no; the developers simply haven’t added the holiday variants yet. Trust us; we’ve spent hours trying everything we could. Nothing worked. We’ll be sure to add more information about this Festive Duty when it unlocks properly. In the meantime, feel free to check out our other guides on the holiday activities in Dreamlight Valley, including Festive Duties, How to Get Coffee Beans and How to Unlock Stitch.

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