Clover Unicorn Value Pet Simulator X

The Clover Unicorn is a Secret Pet that has recently been added to Pet Sim X. A re-skin of the Unicorn, this pet has a very exotic look. It is colored green and has several four-leaf clovers on its head and in its eyes. With such a fun and enticing design, we’re sure that most PSX players are eager to get this critter into their menageries. If you, too, are looking to obtain it, we are here with the precise Clover Unicorn value in Pet Simulator X, as well as what you need to do in order to get it.

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Clover Unicorn Value Pet Simulator X
Clover Unicorn Value Pet Simulator X

Clover Unicorn Value Pet Sim X

Like the Clover Axolotl, the value of the Clover Unicorn in PSX depends on the variant that you want to buy or sell. The Normal variant is priced at 500 Million Diamonds, the Shiny variant at 2 Billion Diamonds, the Golden variant at 1.5 Billion Diamonds, the Rainbow variant at 6 Billion Diamonds, and the Dark Matter variant at 20 Billion Diamonds. As for the Hardcore variants, they are valued at the following prices: Normal Hardcore at 10 Billion Diamonds, Golden Hardcore at 30 Billion Diamonds, Rainbow Hardcore at 120 Billion Diamonds, and Dark Matter Hardcore at 400 Billion Diamonds.

Of course, you need to be aware that these prices can fluctuate on a daily level. So, for example, if a Normal Clover Unicorn is worth 500 Million Diamonds today, it may be worth more or less in the future.

How to Get Clover Unicorn in Pet Simulator X

Besides trading for it, the only other way to get the Clover Unicorn in Pet Simulator X is to successfully hatch it from a Lucky Kingdom Egg or the Pot of Gold Egg. These are eggs that you can get during the St Patrick’s Day event in PSX. The Lucky Kingdom Egg costs 1.5 Million Clover Coins, while the Pot of Gold Egg costs 5 Million Clover Coins.

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