WWE 2K23 Image Upload, How to Import Face Photo

In our WWE 2K23 Image Upload, How to Import Face Photo guide, we will explain how to upload a photo to the game and use your face on a custom wrestler. The system is fairly simple, if a little annoying at times. That being the case, we are going to walk you through the whole process, step bu step. Let’s begin.

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wwe 2k23 image upload how to import face photo
WWE 2K23 Image Upload, How to Import Face Photo

How to Upload Photo in WWE 2K23

To upload an image to WWE 2K23, that is import your face photo, you have to go through a number of steps. You can either scan the QR code you’ll see at the beginning or go to this website directly. Follow the steps until you get to the screen that allows you to upload a photo. Then, take a selfie from the shoulders up without glasses and any hair in your face. And make sure the lighting is even and there are no shadows. Also, the photo needs to be square; the site straight-up rejects rectangular ones. Upload the photo and then jump back to the game, because we’re basically done with the website.

The next step to upload an image of your face to WWE 2K23 is to move over to the Online tab in the main menu. Select Community Creations, then Image Manager. Under the Incoming tab, you will find the photo (or photos) you’ve previously uploaded. Download them and move back to Creations. Select Superstar and move through the character creation until you reach the Face part. Try and find a face template that best resembles yours. Next, scroll down to Face Photo Capture, import the photo and spend as much time as necessary aligning all the features properly. It’s going to take a while, depending on the quality of the selfie. If it’s just not working, consider switching to a different face template or take another picture.

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