COD Cold War Zombies Partially Installed

The “partially installed” bug in COD Cold War Zombies is a glitch that has affected mostly Xbox players, preventing them from accessing the new Firebase Z map for the zombie mode. Considering how many players have been looking forward to the new Zombies map, this is a pretty big issue. One assumes that the developers will fix it as soon as possible, but what is one to do in the meantime? Well, we have some suggestions in our COD Cold War Zombies Partially Installed guide.

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cod cold war zombies partially installed
COD Cold War Zombies Partially Installed (image via @FoordDRyley)

How to Fix Partially Installed Bug in COD Cold War Zombies?

To fix the COD Cold War Zombies Partially Installed bug on Xbox, there are several avenues that you can pursue. Well… two, to be exact, but let’s not argue details right now. The first thing you can try, the lesser of the hassles, is to press “A” on the game in the home menu and then go into Manage Installation. From here, you can choose what you want to install and proceed from there.

To be more specific, you should select the C.O.D.E. challenger pack and start downloading it. This appears to trigger some kind of update to the base game, after which the challenger pack will queue up. That seems to fix the problem, and the “Partially Installed” glitch in COD Cold War Zombies seems to go away after that. It’s, unfortunately, not a guaranteed fix, but it’s worth a shot, especially given what your only other choice is.

As you might have assumed, the other option is to uninstall the game. Then, while reinstalling, you can opt out of downloading Campaign mode, which then allows you to play the new COD Cold War Zombies map. If neither of these methods work, well, you’ll have to wait for the developers to fix the situation. Hopefully they’ll do so soon, because the situation has soured the Xbox community’s feelings for the game significantly, and rightfully so.

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  1. D

    Wait so your saying if I want to play the game that I payed 113$ for. i have to buy a useless cosmetics I shouldn’t have to need to buy the code Challenger pack to be able to play the damn game I have tried everything but uninstall the entire game if cold war is so broken that you can’t even play it why the hell are they making a Vanguard

  2. T

    This game and it’s bugs all boil down to the lack of care from Activision because all there attention is tied up on its legal battles because they treat there employees like shit. They should probably put there attention into this garbage they call a server. Love the game play and zombie games but cold war is horrible I already broke a controller due to the garbage server if Activision don’t fix I’m thinking of writing a script for my own zombie game

  3. A

    This is total bs it was already downloaded on my game and now it’s gone and I can’t redownload I’ve paid way 2 much money 2 be going thru this and my only off day I couldn’t even game

    1. C
      Cory Cervantes

      Jello shots.

  4. F

    Make other games besides Vanguard crap, it’s always crap so it doesn’t matter. Still researching how to possibly fix it…

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