Nioh 2 Character Creation Code From PS4 to PC - Is It Working?

Character creation codes in Nioh 2 allow you to share your characters with others. Each code contains information about the parameters you used when customizing your character, allowing others to import it and get the same results without all the hard work. It’s a great way to share characters, and it’s been pretty well recieved. Since the game launched on PC recently, many are wondering whether they can transfer Nioh 2 character creation code from PS4 to PC, so we’ve written a guide to answer whether you can use character codes from PS4 on PC.

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nioh 2 character creation code from ps4 to pc
Nioh 2 Character Creation Code From PS4 to PC – Is It Working?

Can you use character codes from PS4 to PC?

The short answer is: no. Sadly, all the effort that went into creating characters on the PS4 will stay there. It seems like it should work – after all, the string could instruct the game how to set the parameters to get the desired result.

However, it turns out that’s not what the code does. Instead, it only serves as a pointer towards a very specific location on the server where the preset is stored. That’s right – all the character creation parameters saved through a code are actually kept on a server somewhere, and the code only points the game towards the info. Since the PC version doesn’t use the same servers as the Playstation one, the old codes are literally just gibberish to it.

In other words, you’ll have to make your character from scratch. The best you can do is look for someone with a PS4 version of the game, have them import the code and record the slider positions for you so you can copy them. With the amount of work that would take, it’s probably easier to just poke around in the dark until you get the result you want.

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