COD Mobile Controller Not Working Fix - COD Controller Connection Issues

Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile is here. If you are interested in the best guns this season has to offer, we’ve made an in-depth guide about that. But, a problem which has long since plagued COD Mobile has also returned after this latest update – and many players are reporting that their controller is not working. If you are also having connection issues with your controller, our COD Mobile Controller Not Working Fix – COD Controller Connection Issues guide will provide you several methods that can fix this problem.

COD Mobile Controller Not Working Fix - COD Controller Connection Issues

How to Fix Call of Duty Mobile Controller Not Working – Controller Connection Issues

There are several things you can try out to fix this. Though, before we begin, we have to point out that, like most fixes that depend on the player, these can stop working once the next update hits. After all, issues such as this depend on the developers, and only they can fully fix this on their end. With that out of the way, let’s see what you can do about this. If you want to have better accuracy in COD Mobile, it’s understandable that you would want to use an Xbox or PS controller to play the game. This can usually be easily done by connecting the controller and your mobile device via Bluetooth.

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The first method you can try if your controller isn’t working is to quit multiplayer and then go back into multiplayer again. That often works. The second thing you can also try out is to go into your mobile device settings. Then go into the Accessibility tab, followed by Installed Services. In here, turn off the Select to Speak shortcut. After that, restart COD Mobile to see if that has done the trick. If neither of these work, you can also attempt to restart your mobile device.

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  1. D
    Donnie Gaughan

    Tried all the methods and still doesn’t connect hope they fix this problem cause I’m losing clan points every day I don’t play it sucks

  2. J

    Nope none of these worked. I have literally tried everything, its obvious it down to the developers .

  3. C

    Just noticed this problem today after update. Have already tried all you say above but no good!

  4. B

    Hi connected the controller true cabel. after a startup whit this connectet it works as normal

    1. N

      This worked after the update? Season 10. And on any device and any controller? All you did was use the controller cable to connect to the devices

  5. W
    Wesley Forston

    I tried using your ps4 controller and it connects and everything just when I got to play my controls are all messed up like I can’t turn at all or circle makes you jump instead of x when the controls says x is to jump. My aim and fire buttons are switch as when I played before the update it was l2 to aim and r2 to fire now its the bumpers (l1 and r1).

    1. C
      Carnik Dreyer

      Same thing for me, thought it wasy controller that was the issue, hope it gets sorted soon.

      1. D
        Did it work yet

        Did it work yet please

    2. S
      Scott Marshall

      Same issue here. My gfs Xbox controller works. I’m guessing the update did something to PS4 controllers….

    3. A

      Having the same issue… Thought my controller was acting stupid but My settings for my controller are messed up and I can’t even turn. They need to fix this asap.

  6. D

    I’m having the same Problem after this last update.

  7. Y
    Yugeshan Pillay

    I am having the exact same problem

  8. K
    Kenneth L Grant

    Having that same issue as well everything switch around and can’t turn.. plz hurry an fix..

  9. B

    Dude, idk if its just me, but this seems like an issue/bug that, for 5he developers, should be pretty quick n easy to correct.. so wtf??? They’re really driving me with this bs bc it shouldn’t still be happening. U would think they would view this as a high priority n would be doing whatever tf it takes to fix something like this. Is it just me though, or has it seemed like nothing is being done on their part n like they aren’t even aknowledging that there’s an issue with their game that they are actually working on fixing??

    1. J

      I feel you bro… I also keep thinking the same thing I sent lots of emails to them and even put it in the comment section of their twitter and Facebook post about season 10, it’s like they’re not ready to fix it n it’s annoying😡

  10. E
    Edward Metz

    I have the same issue here even went out and bought a new controller because I thought it was my controller but obviously it is not so man I really really hope they get this fixed like now

  11. C
    Christopher Russell

    I’ve also tried everything that was mentioned and nothing is working. Hope the developers fix this issue ASAP!!!

  12. M
    Mark Summerlin


    So go to your settings, go to accessibility, then go to installed services and turn off everything that’s running. Mine was my Grabber app for Amazon Flex. Turn it off in installed services and instantly my controller worked for the next match!! Apparently auto type clicker apps are bugging us out

    1. V
      Victor Rivera

      Hey i dont see installed services im on android and im using a ps4 controller and i cant turn my buttons are all discombobulated and its making me lose my mind any help?

    2. M

      This absolutely worked!

  13. C
    Chris Taito

    Me too I’m using a Huawei P30 Pro. Let me know if you get it fixed please

  14. C

    I’m facing exactly the same problem with my PS4 controller. And it happens the same on both my Huawei and Honor devices. I connected the same controller to my Samsung phone and it works as intended. Wonder if this is just happening to Huawei Devices.
    And in my huawei devices I can’t locate the “installed service” as author mentioned about the fix on this issue.
    Hope there is a fix on this issue very soon.

    1. V
      Victor Rivera

      Im on a lg k92 5g so i dont think its huawei phones it has to be the developers they really need to get it fixed this was my only way to play a fps

    2. R
      Robert Lee

      I’m on galaxy s9+ n it’s doing the same.. I think its something with ps4 controllers

  15. S
    Scott Marshall

    It seems like it’s on their end. I talked to someone through the support early in the week. Tried 5 different methods to fix this issue with no luck. Then got a message today asking if it’s fixed now…..I told them no obviously. I love the fact that Xbox controllers still work and PS4 controllers work for Iphone, but not android now. I hope they fix this soon or I guess I’ll be buying an Xbox controller…

  16. S
    SmokeyMcPot 2.0_YT

    The controller issue is still not working for androids….. is there gonna be any kind of update soon to fix this issue please!!!!!

    1. S
      Scott Marshall

      I was told by the support team it will most likely be fixed during the next major update. Which to me is when the Battle Pass ends in mid-December. Sucks but at least they say they are looking into it.

      1. R
        Robert Lee

        Omg u gotta be kidding me SMh.. S###’s depressing n aggravating AF man. I can’t even bring myself to try playing touchscreen BC I’d have to basically relearn how to play the damn game. Them saying “the next major update” us when it’ll be fixed sounds like laziness plain n simple. Someone should really be fired, n then another one hired to come in n fix this yesterday, forget the next major update. Unacceptable.. N just think of the money they’ll lose out on BC of this. Season 10 BP is the first one I haven’t bought since I started playing the game n that’s not counting bundles/crates I would’ve gotten thus far into this season

        1. S
          Scott Marshall

          I feel your pain. It’s rediculous, but all we can do is wait and be patient.

        2. R
          Ryan Sneath

          Don’t feel bad, I bought the season battle pass before I realized controller didn’t work, but what they care, they already got my money… Lol

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