Mute Players Halo Infinite

Now that the Halo Infinite Beta is out, PC and Xbox players around the world can once again enjoy playing Halo in multiplayer. Of course, with every multiplayer game of this type and scope, there can be unfortunate issues. We’ve already covered things such as the Voice Chat Not Working and problems with the Battle Pass. Today, we want to tackle the question of how to mute other players in Halo Infinite. We all understand how important this feature can be in online games, but also that it is sometimes necessary to turn off certain players – for various reasons. This Mute Players Halo Infinite guide will show you how to do this in Halo Infinite.

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Mute Players Halo Infinite

How to Mute Players in Halo Infinite

There are two ways to mute players in HI. The first of these entails muting specific individual players, and the other will turn off the voice chat altogether. Depending on circumstances, you may want to employ both of these options at certain times. For example, when there is just one player that is cursing and causing a commotion, or if their microphone isn’t set up properly. For entire player groups, there are situations in which you may want to concentrate, and turning off voice chat completely helps you to do that. In any case, let’s see how both of these are done. First, the option to mute other players:

  • While in the game, press the Escape key on the PC / Start button on the Xbox.
  • Next, press the Tab key on the PC / Windows button on the Xbox.
  • Find the name of the player you would like to mute.
  • Click on their name.
  • Choose the mute option.

And now, let’s see how to disable the voice chat completely:

  • Press the F1 key on the PC / Start button on Xbox to bring up the Settings window.
  • Go into the Audio tab.
  • In the Communication section in this tab, you can turn on – or disable – Voice Chat. You can also turn it down instead.
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