COD Mobile Season 10 Test Server Build APK Download Android

Looking for a direct link to download Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 2022 test build APK? The 10th season of COD Mobile in 2022 will mark the game’s third anniversary. And for that occasion, Activision is preparing an abundance of new content, including special events and rewards. There’s also the new Hover Bike vehicle, a bunch of new battle royale features, a new map, and much more. If you can’t wait to try all this, in this guide we provide the COD Mobile Season 10 Test Server Build APK download link.

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COD Mobile Season 10 Test Server Build APK Download Android

COD Mobile Season 10 2022 Test Build APK Download Link

On Thursday, October 13th, the developers revealed the test build for all regions. Keep in mind that these test builds are only available for a limited time. In addition, they are limited to 30,000 registered players. On a first come first serve basis. Thus, make sure to be quick and download the server immediately upon registration. Below you will find iOS and Android download links for the Season 10 Public Test Build.

How to Install COD Mobile Season 10 Test Server Build

Instaling apps and updates via APK files is a fast and easy process. You are probably already familiar with the procedure, but if this is your first time or you’ve forgotten how to do it, just follow the instructions below. Before downloading make sure to use a WiFi network and to have enough space on your device. With that said, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to your device’s “Settings” menu
  • Open the “Safety and Privacy” section
  • Check “Install apps from Unknown Sources”
  • Open your “Download” folder and look for the APK file
  • Tap on the “Install” button to install the Season 10 Public Test Build
  • Start COD Mobile Test Server
  • Log in with your account credentials
  • Let the app install any other additional files
  • Have fun playing the COD Mobile Season 10 Test Build!
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    Why my cod public server cannot update?

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    JHON karl needs test server

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    Beloy Abelo

    Pls gave me skin mobile

  4. T

    mine stopped working anyway so I assume it’s now over…
    But it’s a really cool opportunity if you got the space to do it. They gave me 19 legendary and mythic weapons to play with plus other cool stuff and a couple NEW toys to try out… and the new map is pretty cool too.
    I found a couple glitches that I notified them about(there’s a built in icon for reporting bugs and glitches, that’s the whole point right..). But over all it played really solid/normal. And I can tell everyone for sure that the legendary and mythic guns are ABSOLUTELY p2w… it’s virtually cheating they’re so good. And I only had the basic versions w no extra attachments. So if you got the $ and your wondering IF it’s worth it… YES IT IS! If COD is your everyday go to then they’re worth the $125-$250 once in a while… don’t not pay the rent but maybe skip the water bill or something u know…

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    Please give me a good gun👉🥺👈

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    Yunes Mohamed

    Please, I need to charge the Battle Pass.

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    Could y’all pls give me some my tic or legendary gun i try to buy them but I never get them😔

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