V Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

Knowing what the best V Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom, or CRK, can be very advantageous on the battlefield. Like all the other BTS Cookies in the game, V has a very powerful special skill. However, is it powerful enough to influence your choice of toppings? What would the ideal mix be? Well, let’s find out.

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v cookie toppings in cookie run kingdom
V Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

Best V Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

The best toppings for the BTS V Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, or CRK, are those that work best with his skills and special abilities. So, what do we know about V? Well, his position is in the rear of the party. His special power is called ARMY’s Wishes, which all the BTS Cookies have. What does it do? Basically makes them and the party temporarily invulnerable. More specifically, it provides Stun Immunity and a 30% Debuff Resist for ten seconds. Plus, it heals everybody for seven seconds. Lastly, if any party member is suffering from three or more debuffs, it grants everyone an HP Shield (17.5% of max HP) for three seconds and 13.5% DMG Resist for eight seconds.

So, with all of that in mind, what are the best toppings for the V Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? In my personal opinion, it’s five Swift Chocolate. The base cooldown of his special ability is nineteen seconds. I would argue that reducing the cooldown as low as it can go would be very, very useful. You can sprinkle in some Solid Almond to add some DMG resist, but considering what ARMY’s Wishes does, I don’t think that’s necessary. Just spamming the skill as much as you can should do just fine. Of course, this is just a suggestion. Feel free to play around with other toppings if it’d fit your preferences better. Share your own builds in the comments!

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