Collect a Painting - Bloodhunt Bloody Roots Part 2

The Bloodhunt, Bloody Roots Quest Part 2 involves collecting a painting. This quest will become available after you have completed the first, which requires you to find a statue. Like the opening task, little information gets provided about its whereabouts. However, it is easier to locate than the previous item. Read on as we discuss how to find and retrieve a painting in the Bloodhunt Bloody Roots Quest.

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Collect a Painting - Bloodhunt Bloody Roots Part 2
Collect a Painting – Bloodhunt Bloody Roots Part 2

Find and Retrieve a Painting – Bloodhunt Bloody Roots

After completing the statue task in Bloody Roots Part 1, return to Custos. He will thank you for bringing the statuette to Kirill. Visit Kirill in his normal location on the balcony. He will give you a warmer reception than the last time around. Kirill will then ask you to retrieve an engraving for Maia. You can then select to retrieve the painting.

The painting location is where you may expect it to be, situated right in the center of the Art Gallery. This is directly between the parking garage and the helipad. The entrance to the gallery is via the rooftops. When you enter, a staircase will be on either side and a mezzanine level forms a bridge across the top.

From here, how to get the painting for Kirill becomes simple. Underneath this upper level, to the left, will be a chest. Open it and you can take a pump-action shotgun. Directly above this on the walkway, you will find the quest item.

It sits in the middle of the bridge. Don’t look for a painting. All the quest items in Bloodhunt share the same urn-like shape and this is no different.

As soon as you pick up the item, the quest is complete. If you exit by the other side of the gallery, a walkway above the Prague streets, you can collect several items. These include a tommy gun, red gas, pistol, and an octahedron.

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