Convert Valorant To Splitgate Sensitivity

Recently, we penned a guide that explains how to convert Valorant to CS:GO’s sensitivity. Now, we want to do this the other way around and show how to Convert Valorant To Splitgate Sensitivity. Best described as a combination of Halo and Portal, Splitgate has been in beta for a while now. A free-to-play multip-player experience, you can try it out on Steam. If you are a frequent Valorant player, you are no doubt used to its control scheme and mouse sensitivity. And, if you are looking for a tried and true method on how to copy over these sensitivity settings and apply them to Splitgate, then this is definitely the right guide for you.

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Convert Valorant To Splitgate Sensitivity

How To Convert Valorant Sensitivity To Splitgate

Before we explain the process itself, we have to point that this only really works if your FOV is 90 in both games. Also, your mouse DPI likewise needs to be the same. The process for this is really very easy and is the result of a simple mathematical formula. Namely, what you need to do is to take your base Valorant mouse sensitivity and multiply it by 7.467413 to get the ideal Splitgate sensitivity.

To begin with, you will need to find out what your Valorant mouse sensitivity is. So, go into the game and, in the options section, you will be able to see this exact value. Copy down this number somewhere. Next, multiply it by 7.467413 in a calculator app on your computer or phone. Once you have this number, start Splitgate and input this in the mouse sensitivity field in your options. All that’s left now is to try out these new mouse settings to see if you are comfortable with them. The best way to do this is to experience it in action, so play a few matches to see if you are happy with how you converted Valorant to Splitgate sensitivity.

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