Cookie Run Kingdom April Update Release Date & Time

The Cookie Run Kingdom April update release date and time have been announced. Now we all know when we can expect to see all the new content coming in the new April 18th update, including Cherry Blossom Cookie. Since the game will be unplayable during maintenance, all players should know when it’s gonna take place. That’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in this guide, so here we go.

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cookie run kingdom april update release date & time
Cookie Run Kingdom April Update Release Date & Time

When is Cookie Run Kingdom April Update Starting

The Cookie Run Kingdom April update release date and time is starting on Monday, April 1th, at 2 PM (GMT+9). It will last until 7 PM (GMT+9), according to the official Cookie Run Kingdom Twitter account. That translates to 7 AM to 12 PM CEST / 6 AM to 11 AM BST / 3 PM to 8 PM AEST / 1 AM to 6 AM EDT / 10 PM on April 17th to 3 AM on April 18th PDT. You can do your own calculations from there. During this time, the game will not be available for you to play. However, the five hour wait should be more than worth it, as the developers have a lot planned for the upcoming update, such as the arrival of Cherry Blossom Cookie.

And there you have it, that’s when the new April 18th Cookie Run Kingdom update release date and time will be starting. Make sure to complete whatever you’re planning to do before that time, since, again, the game will be unplayable for those five hours. When maintenance is over, you’ll have plenty of new stuff to sink your teeth into, meaning that you might not get around to finishing whatever your current goals are. That’s why it could be important to wrap up as much as you can before Monday. As for what you can expect to see in the April 18th update, we don’t have a comprehensive list just yet, since the content will be subject to change until it’s all done with. We’ll only know for sure once the official patch notes are up.

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