Cookie Run Kingdom Lucky Pick 3 Team Guide

Putting together the best Cookie Run Kingdom Lucky Pick 3 team is no easy task. The boss that awaits you at the end of the level, Cocomambo, is a difficult opponent. It has a variety of attacks that can easily wipe out an under-prepared party. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll give you some recommendations on which cookies to use in the fight and which toppings to use on them.

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cookie run kingdom lucky pick 3 team guide
Cookie Run Kingdom Lucky Pick 3 Team Guide

Best Lucky Pick 3 Team in Cookie Run Kingdom

The best team for Lucky Pick 3 in Cookie Run Kingdom in the 2023 Summer Soda Rock Festa event will depend on which cookies you actually have. However, there are definitely some general pointers that you should follow. As YouTuber HyRoolLegend points out, you should probably have two healers on your team, the best ones you’ve got. Other than that, you can go with two DPS and one tank or two tanks and one DPS. Whatever works best for you. For example, one team could be Hollyberry as the tank, Tarte Tatin and Pataya (or whatever your hardest hitters are) as DPS, and Pure Vanilla, Rockstar, and / or Snapdragon as the two healers. Again, use the best cookies you’ve got.

Another possibility for the best Cookie Run Kingdom Lucky Pick 3 team could also be Hollyberry and and Wildberry as Tanks, your best DPS there to do damage, and two of your best healers. If that isn’t working, bump it up to three healers if necessary. As for the best builds for each cookie, your tanks should have five Solid Almond, Healers should have five Swift Chocolate or five Solid Almond (depending on whether they’re dying or not) and the DPS should have five Searing Raspberry (or three of them and two Solid Almond). That should be more than enough to get you through the fight against Cocomambo. Good luck against the boss; it’s not an easy fight even if you come in super-prepared. It has attacks that hit close and far, inflict status effects, etc.

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