Corrupted Holokey - Warframe Sisters of Parvos

Warframe Corrupted Holokey in Sisters of Parvos are a new resource, or rather currency, that you can earn and spend on very specific weapons. As is often the case in these situations, people want to know how to get Corrupted Holokeys and what to spend them on. After all, they’re the only way to earn Tenet melee weapons. Well, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know in this guide.

corrupted holokey warframe sisters of parvos
Corrupted Holokey – Warframe Sisters of Parvos

How to Get Corrupted Holokey in Warframe

To get Warframe Corrupted Holokey in the Sisters of Parvos update, you need to open Void Relics. In order to do that, you have to finish Void Storm missions on Earth (2x Corrupted Holokey), Venus (2x Corrupted Holokey), Saturn (4x Corrupted Holokey), Neptune (3x Corrupted Holokey), Pluto (5x Corrupted Holokey), and Veil Proxima (6x Corrupted Holokey). Those values in the parentheses are the amount of Holokeys you stand to earn for completing Void Storms at each of these locations. The drop rates are the same across the board – 37.50%, according to this huge post about the Sisters of Parvos. They’re very common, is what I’m saying.

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Now, you might be wondering what the Corrupted Holokeys are even for? Well, you take them to Ergo Glast at any Relay you like and trade the Holokeys for one of the four new Tenet melee weapons, like the scythe feature above. Ergo will have a new weapon in stock each week, and yes, it will replace the previous one, so get to it. That’s why you need to know how to get Corrupted Holokeys in Warframe. The four melee Tenet weapons you can get include Tenet Agendus, Tenet Exec, Tenet Livia, and Tenet Grigori. One point to bring up here – yes, there are also ranged Tenet weapons, but you can’t buy those with Corrupted Holokeys.

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