Mileage Points Cookie Run Kingdom - How to Get & Where to Spend Mileage Points

Cookie Run Kingdom Mileage Points are one of many, many different currencies that you can get in the game, but if you know how to efficiently get and spend them, they can be extremely useful. In fact, if spent wisely, they can help you skip over some of the gacha elements of the game and save some of your money. The game is egregious enough with its gambling elements, so you should take any chance to work around that nonsense. So, with all of that said, we’ll explain how tog et and where to spend Mileage Points in this guide.

mileage points cookie run kingdom how to get & where to spend mileage points
Mileage Points Cookie Run Kingdom – How to Get & Where to Spend Mileage Points

How to Get Mileage Points Cookie Run Kingdom

To get Mileage Points in Cookie Run Kingdom, you need to roll for either Cookies or Treasures. The rarer the reward that you get from the randomized gacha system, the more Mileage Points you’ll get for it. For example, a Common Cookie will net you six Mileage Points, a Rare will give you fifteen, and so on. However, pulling Cookies grants you significantly more Mileage Points, so that’s something to keep in mind. Collect as many of those Cookie Cutters as you can; it’s a much more cost-efficient way to grind Mileage Points than spending Crystals on Treasure draws. One more important note: if you draw a Cookie or Treasure that you already own and have upgraded fully, you’ll get even more Mileage Points instead.

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Where to Spend Mileage Points in Cookie Run Kingdom

To spend Mileage Points in Cookie Run Kingdom, you need to enter the the Mileage Shop. You do that by tapping the Gacha icon in the bottom of the screen (aka the one that looks like a brick oven), and then tapping the Mileage Points icon in the bottom left. The most valuable resource here Soul Stones. If you have twenty of the same Soul Stone, you can convert them into a new cookie. So, you can basically craft a new cookie from scratch for 2000 Mileage Points.

The second most valuable thing in the shop are Treasure Tickets, which cost 60 Mileage Points each. These Tickets allow you to make “free” rolls in the Treasure Banner, which is much better than spending Crystals. There are also other items that can be found in this shop, such as Rainbow Cubes, extra Arena Tickets, ten-minute speedups to skip parts of the gross wait times, etc.

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