Crafting Recipes Deepwoken Potions, Cloth, Fiber

Deepwoken crafting recipes include many different things, such as Cloth, Fiber, potions, various foods, and much more. All of the craftable items have their different uses – materials let you make more complicated items, potions can either heal you or be thrown as grenades, food replenishes Hunger and Thirst, etc. In our Crafting Recipes Deepwoken Potions, Cloth, Fiber guide, we’ll give you lists of all recipes we know of.

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crafting recipes deepwoken potions cloth fiber
Crafting Recipes Deepwoken Potions, Cloth, Fiber

Deepwoken Crafting Recipes – How to Make Cloth, Fiber

The crafting recipes to make Cloth and Fiber in Deepwoken are fairly simple, fortunately. We’ll list them for you below. While we’re at it, we’ll also add a few other things you can craft, as listed on the Deepwoken wiki, so credit to the good people there for the info.

  • Fiber – 2x Bamboo Shoot or 1x Spider Egg
  • Cloth – 3x Fiber
  • Sack – 2x Cloth
  • Wood – 3x Sticks (same goes the other way around)
  • Campfire – 3x Sticks or 1x Wood
  • Flint – 1x Coal and 1x Rock
  • Canteen – 1x Beeswax and 1x Calabash (requires Crafting Bench)
  • Glider – 2x Sticks and 2x Cloth(requires Crafting Bench)
  • Lumber Axe – 1x Iron and 1x Wood(requires Crafting Bench)

Deepwoken Potion Crafting Recipes

Before we jump into the potion crafting recipes in Deepwoken, one thing that we need to mention is that some of them have beneficial effects, while others are going to hurt you, which basically makes them thrown weapons. We’re going to list the effects of each potion as we know them; feel free to correct us in the comments. Here we go.

  • Focus-Enhancing Elixir – 3x Browncap, 2x Gathered Wheat (increases draw from Ether)
  • Invigorating Elixir – 2x Gobletto (heals you)
  • Heartening Elixir – 1x Bluecap, 1x Calabash, 1x Spider Egg (uncertain, probably heals or boosts Blood Regeneration)
  • Icky Bane – 3x Redd (heals you but drains Ether)
  • Soothing Salve – 2x Browncap, 1x Dentifillo (effect seemingly random)
  • Soothing Potion – 1x Browncap, 1x Gobletto 2x Dentifillo (temporary blindness)
  • Soothing Tincture – 3x Dentifillo (stops and holds you in place, causes vomiting which drains Hunger and Thirst)
  • Disgusting Bane – 3x Browncap (deals damage)
  • Disgusting Blight – 1x Stick, 2x Browncap (deals damage)
  • Dulling Blight – 2x Gathered Wheat, 1x Dentifillo (stops and holds you in place, causes vomiting which drains Hunger and Thirst)

Deepwoken Cooking Recipes

When it comes to the cooking recipes in Deepwoken, some of them require a campfire to prepare, while others don’t. Eating food helps replenish your Hunger and Thirst. While you can just consume the base ingredients to achieve that, making and chowing down on proper meals fills the meters up more.

  • Candied Fruit – 2x Redd and 1x Sapp
  • Chum – 2x Fishmeat
  • Fruit Salad – 3 different fruits, one of each kind
  • Noodles – 1x Egg and 2x Gathered Wheat
  • Redd Juice – 3x Redd
  • Bread – 3x Gathered Wheat (requires Campfire)
  • Cooked Fishmeat – 1x Fishmeat (requires Campfire)
  • Mushroom Soup – 1x Dentifillo and 1x any kind of Mushroom (requires Campfire)
  • Mushroom Egg Soup – 1x Dentifillo and 2x Egg (requires Campfire)
  • Omelette/Cooked Egg – 2x Eggs, but not Spider Eggs (requires Campfire)
  • Plumfruit Muffin – 1x Plumfruit, 1x Gathered Wheat (requires Campfire)
  • Sticky Bun – 1x Sap, 3x Gathered Wheat (requires Campfire)

So, those are the crafting recipes in Deepwoken for Fiber, Cloth, potions, etc. If you know of any recipes that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments. The game is still in its infancy, so some changes are bound to happen.

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