DBD Halloween Event 2022 Release Date, Time & Skins

The DBD Halloween Event 2022 release date, time and skins are the talk of the town in the game’s community. And why wouldn’t it be? Halloween events are when live-service horror games get to shine. From the free weekend to a bevvy of cosmetic content, this case is going to be no different. So, let’s find out when the Dead by Daylight Halloween Event is going to begin and which skins you’ll be able to get.

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dbd halloween event 2022 release date time & skins
DBD Halloween Event 2022 Release Date, Time & Skins

When is Dead by Daylight Halloween Event 2022?

The release date of the Dead by Daylight (or DBD) Halloween Event 2022 is technically October 13th at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST / 5 PM CEST. I say technically because the Halloween update and the release of the Halloween content in the store is actually happening on October 11th. Then, on the 12th, Tome 13: Malevolence is launching. Only after that, from October 13th to November 3rd, is when the event proper is going to take place. Saddle up, because there will be many, many cosmetics to unlock. These go from silly candy weapons for killers to various skins for killers and survivors alike. And since I know the skins are what all y’all are really interested in, let’s dive into that a bit.

DBD Halloween Event Skins

There are a number of different DBD Halloween Event 2022 skins, and we are going to list them below. Some of them (the Hag, Kate Denson) you’ll be able to earn by participating in the Halloween event. Others (the Mastermind, the Oni, Dwight Fairfield, Jane Romero) you’ll have to buy via the in-game store. The prices have not been announced just yet. Some skins, like the fan-designed ones for the Artist and Yui Kimura, will be rewards from Tome 13: Malevolence. For more info, you can check out the official post.

  • Survivor skins
    • Dwight Fairfield – Toilet Paper Mummy
    • Jane Romero – Hollywood Glamor
    • Kate Denson – Cornfield Scarecrow
    • Yui Kimura – Midnight Techwear (designed by AIPHELIX)
    • Mikaela Reid – Witching Hour
  • Killer skins
    • The Oni – Bursting With Fury
    • The Mastermind – Blighted Albert Wesker
    • The Hag – Swamp Creature
    • The Artist – Fallen Angel (designed by AspriinDbd)
    • The Doctor – The Transplant
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