Overwatch 2 LS-423 Error Code Explained

Stuck in the OW2 queue? Not sure why are you getting the Overwatch 2 LS-423 error code? It has been some time since the release of Overwatch 2, but the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2016 hero shooter is still experiencing issues. At this point, most issues are sever-related, as the game’s connection is still unstable and servers are full to the brim, causing long queues and frequent login problems. What does the “Time out communicating with Battle.net services” message means? In this guide, we explore whether there is a way to fix the Overwatch 2 LS-423 Error Code or not.

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Overwatch 2 LS-423 Error Code Explained

LS-423 Error Code in Overwatch 2 Explained

So, why are you getting this error? We will not beat around the bush here. The error happens because servers are overloaded and unstable, and there’s not much you can do about it. Blizzard still hasn’t fixed all the issues in regard to long queue times and login errors, and thus players still suffer from this and similar errors and connection issues. The error appears on both PC and consoles, and the common theme is that all players suffer from this error just when it seems that the wait in the queue is over.

The only possible solution we can offer you here is to simply be patient. Try to enter the game a couple of times. Some players report that the error eventually disappears. A situation when this error starts appearing more frequently is right before or after updates and server maintenance. Thus, try avoiding playing around that time, as there are higher chances of the Overwatch 2 LS-423 Error Code happening. This is far from the ideal solution, we know. But as we’ve already stated – there’s not much that players can do on their side. It’s a server-related issue and it needs to be fixed by Blizzard.

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