Devil May Cry 5 All Endings - How to get Secret Ending

There are two endings in Devil May Cry 5. One is the normal ending, which you’ll get either way, after you complete all of the game’s challenges. The other is secret, accessible only if you perform a particular feat. If you’re wondering how to unlock it, or what happens in both of them, keep reading our Devil May Cry 5 endings guide. Beware, though – it’s obviously going to spoil both of the endings for you.

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devil may cry 5 endings how to get secret ending
Devil May Cry 5 All Endings – How to get Secret Ending

DMC5 secret ending

The secret ending is more of a joke, really. You can unlock it if you defeat Urizen, the boss in the prologue. After he beats up Dante and the crew, you’ll get the chance to tackle him as Nero. If you’re playing on the Heaven or Hell difficulty, he’ll go down without any trouble. He can be defeated on other difficulties as well, but you have to be really good. Once it’s done, the game will congratulate you on your success and tell you there’s nothing more to do, and the credits will start rolling.

Normal ending in DMC5

This is the proper ending, and you’ll get it no matter what – you just need to complete the game. From here on out, it’s spoiler time.

The cutscene begins with Dante and Virgil changing into their demon forms in order to fight. However, as they rush towards one another, Nero (also in demon form) appears out of nowhere and gets between them. He breaks off the fight, and the brothers decide to go to the Underworld in order to stop the invasion. Nero objects, as he knows they’ll stay trapped down there. They jump into the abyss, leaving Nero in despair.

There are several short cutscenes after that – a conversation between Nero and Nico, another between Lady and Trish, and a look into what the future holds for Dante and Virgil.

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