Luigi's Mansion 3 Catch Mouse in Kitchen & Billiard Room on 2F Mezzanine

It took quite a bit of effort to catch the glowing mouse that steals the elevator buttons in the kitchen and billiard rooms in Luigi’s Mansion 3. After you defeat the kitchen Chef boss on the second floor a naughty little rat will steal your elevator button and run away. It first hides in the adjacent room. It took quite a few tries to lure him out. Mouse then runs away to the billiard room. The problem is that the Luigi’s Mansion billiard room Rat is a slippery little fellow, and capturing him might end up being a bit of a challenge for some players. If you’re having trouble capturing the spectral rodent we’ll show you exactly how to catch the kitchen rat and billiard room mouse.

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Luigis Mansion 3 Billiard Room Mouse How to Catch Rat
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Billiard Room Mouse – How to Catch Rat

Where is the mouse that steals the elevator buttons in the kitchen?

To find the rat that steals the elevator buttons go to the room left of the kitchen and wait around until, in the north wall mouse hole, you see the glowing mouse peeking out. You will notice a bunch of cheese above the mouse hole. The idea is to pick up the cheese with your poltergust and place it somewhere in the room. Move away from the cheese and face away from it and the mouse. The rat should attempt to eat some cheese at some point. I tried several times sucking it in. It just runs back into the hole. What you need to do is run towards it while its eating the cheese and using your flashlight to kill it (press A). Unfortunately, one of his slippery buddies will steal the elevator button again and run away. Time to find the thieving bastard once again.

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How to Catch the Rat in Billiard Room in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

To catch the rat, or mouse, in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Billiard Room, the first step is to defeat the ghosts hiding in the billiard table. Once you do that, approach the three lockers in the far side of the room. Use the Suction Shot to knock down the locker that’s shaking; for us, it was the middle one. Or you can knock down all three, be our guest. Either way, when you knock down the appropriate locker, the mouse will escape yet again, through a hole in the wall.

So, head out of the Billiard Room, and you’ll see the ghostly rodent escape into the hallway leading to the right. Give chase after it, and it’ll escape into the bathroom, through, you guessed it, yet another hole in the wall. So, into the bathroom you go. There are three stalls for you to explore. If you look closely, you’ll see a faint, golden glow emanating from one of them. So, use the Suction Shot to open the door. I hope you’re not squeamish.

In one of the grosser moments in the game, you’ll find yourself face to face with a toilet full of rats. They’re gonna start attacking you pretty viciously. So, use the Poltergust to vacuum the gold-glowing mouse up as soon as possible or just use your flashlight to commit mass raticide. This is going to reward you with the Fourth Floor Elevator Button. So, now you can go ahead and visit that floor and whatever spooks it has to offer.

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