Diablo 2 Failed to Authenticate Error Fix

The Diablo 2 “Failed to Authenticate” error is a common problem, that does not have an immediate fix. This error can put a spanner in the works of Diablo players, preventing them from online play. What is most frustrating, is that it is nothing on the side of the player that causes it. Upgrading your computer, increasing your network speed, or changing players will not solve the issue. We give a few possible solutions to the Diablo 2 Resurrected “Failed to Authenticate” error fix below.

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Diablo 2 Failed to Authenticate Error Fix
Diablo 2 Failed to Authenticate Error Fix

The error occurs when there are high levels of traffic for the game at a certain time. The developers are unable to predict how many people will enter a server at any moment. This means they become overwhelmed. It may even happen if you have early access and servers are not yet live.

There are a few easy fixes for the Diablo 2 Failed to Authenticate error that may solve the problem. The first is to go offline for a few minutes. Return to online mode and the servers may have freed up, letting you play.

Another cause may be that you have not downloaded the latest game update. This is more likely to occur with players using Xbox. Try restarting the console and reopening the game. Let any updates download before trying to get online once more.

One more solution is to change your region. If you are in the US, change your region to European settings. Log in, quit the game, then reopen it. Once you are back, set your region to the US. Log in once again and see if the problem resolves.

The two final fixes for the Diablo 2 error are fairly simple. Flush your DNS or try changing your Battlenet password. The only people who can fix this problem fully are Blizzard themselves. Check back for any updates on the game here. 

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    Andrew N.

    It’s sad that “We” have to do a damn thing just to play our games. Reset Xbox/check our connection/Server issues. Come on now, it has nothing that do with anything on our side. They pulled a fast one on all of us knowing we would get excited to see a throw back knock a ball outta the park. Especially after 20 years on Diablo 2. The graphics look better don’t get me wrong, but that’s it. Same old sorry BS they fed us then for our money as they are trying to feed us now for our money but point the fingers at us for the issues their product is having. Funny how that seems to work these days but they still get our money.

  2. A
    Alex Brandt

    I bought this game specifically to play it in offline mode, and I have my play station set to be only offline, and they still managed to break it somehow, without me even connecting to the internet to allow them to break it. How did they do this? Was it in a timer?

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