NBA 2K22 Gym Rat Badge Quest not Showing Up on Current Gen

The NBA 2K22 Gym Rat Badge quest not showing up on current gen consoles is a fun new glitch that has apparently begun when Season 2 rolled out. It both erased the quest that rewards you with the badge from the quest list and has apparently blocked people from speaking to the quest-giving NPC. It’s a huge mess, especially because you have to win a whole championship access the mission in the first place. So, is there anything you can do to fix the problem on your end? Well, not really.

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nba 2k22 gym rat badge quest not showing up on current gen
NBA 2K22 Gym Rat Badge Quest not Showing Up on Current Gen

Gym Rat Badge Quest not Showing Up on NBA 2K22 Current Gen

The NBA 2K22 Gym Rat badge quest not appearing on current gen consoles is a problem that has been affecting people fairly widely, as I’ve intimated above. The exact cause is still unknown as of writing this article, but one thing is for certain – this “quest outage” began as soon as the Season 2 update dropped. Since it launched, the quest that should reward you the Gym Rat badge has just vanished. You can’t even talk to the NPC that’s supposed to give you the quest (Tee the Gatorade guy). For more info on how the process is supposed to work, check out our How to Get Gym Rat Badge guide, but let me give you a tl;dr.

Basically, the Gym Rat quest begins after you complete and win a championship. You then get to go and talk to Tee at the Gatorade stand, and he then gives you the mission. You complete it, step by step, and eventually, the NBA 2K22 Gym Rat badge quest will be over and you’ll have the badge. Hopefully, that’s how it’ll work once again after the developers roll out some kind of patch. Glitches like these are really nothing new in this series, unfortunately, regardless of how many players they piss off in the process. So, yeah; the only thing you can do is wait for the devs tof fix this mess and hope to god they don’t make you complete yet another championship.

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