Dislyte Gabrielle, How to Get & Build

If you’re wondering how to get and build Gabrielle in Dislyte, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to break down the process with which you can fuse Gabrielle using other Espers, and after that, we’ll explain how you should build her to maximize her capabilities. Let’s get straight into it.

dislyte gabrielle how to get & build
Dislyte Gabrielle, How to Get & Build

How to Get Gabrielle Dislyte

To get Gabrielle in Dislyte, the first step is to reach level 25, at which point you’ll unlock Esper Fusion in the War Room. Next, you need Berenice ascended to Phase Four, and then any Phase Four Inferno, Wind and Flow Esper and twenty thousand Gold. Combine all of this in the Esper Fusion to get Fabrice. He’s a great support Esper, but Gabrielle is a Legendary and incredibly powerful. She’s worth all the resources you’ll have to spend.

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  • 20,000 Gold
  • Berenice, Phase Four Ascension
  • Inferno Esper, Phase Four Ascension
  • Wind Esper, Phase Four Ascension
  • Flow Esper, Phase Four Ascension

The next step to get Gabrielle in Dislyte is to ascend Fabrice to Phase Five, and acquire any Phase Five Espers of the Wind, Flow and Inferno types. Then, you place them all into the Esper Fusion and boom, you have Gabrielle. Mind you, a lot of grinding and farming is necessary in order to obtain her, but at least you can eliminate part of the uncertainty inherent to gacha systems. Once more for the cheap seats in the back, here’s what you’ll need to “craft” Gabrielle:

  • 50,000 Gold
  • Fabrice, Phase Five Ascension
  • Inferno Esper, Phase Five Ascension
  • Wind Esper, Phase Five Ascension
  • Flow Esper, Phase Five Ascension

Dislyte Gabrielle Build

Your build of Gabrielle in Dislyte should boost Speed and Accuracy first of all, and then you should focus on HP and Defense. You want to boost her speed so that she goes first and applies all her buffs and debuffs from her Ultimate and Secondary ability (Rush and Broadside). Plus, her Wavebreaker ability deals more damage the more speed she has. Increasing Accuracy is important because it gives you higher chances of applying debuffs to enemies. The HP and Defense is just to keep her alive for longer so that she can keep doing her thing.

So, use any items that you have to increase those four stats for Gabrielle in Dislyte. Ideally, apply UNA II, UNA IV and MUI II Relics and the Wind Walker, Adamantine and Master Grove gear sets in any ratio that works best for you. Feel free to share your builds in the comments below.

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