V Rising Leandra The Shadow Priestess Location

V Rising takes on a very interesting approach when it comes to unlocking new technologies and abilities. Very appropriately for a vampire game, this process revolves around tracking down and eliminating people and creatures with special blood. Called V Blood Carriers, they are powerful game bosses and it takes a lot of skill and preparation to take them down. Leandra The Shadow Priestess is one such late-game V Blood Carrier. In this V Rising guide, we will show you the location of Leandra The Shadow Priestess and explain how and where you can find her.

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V Rising Leandra The Shadow Priestess Location

Where to Find Leandra The Shadow Priestess in V Rising

You can find Leandra the Shadow Priestess in pretty much the same way as any other V Blood Carrier in the game. These include creatures such as the Ferocious Bear, Beatrice the Tailor, Putrid Rat, and more. So, to get an overview of Leandra and what you can get from defeating her, start by interacting with your Blood Altar.

Next, to figure out where she is located, turn the “Blood Tracking” option on while viewing her entry in the Blood Altar. Follow this, and it will take you straight to her. She is in the northeast corner of the Dunley Farmlands region. We have marked this location for you on the map below. When you get there, you will find Leandra. She is a Level 46 Boss, so make sure that you have the appropriate gear and power needed to take her own. In any case, just like with most other bosses, get ready for a tough fight.

If you are having trouble killing her on your own, we suggest you do it in a pair with a friend. Once she is down you will gain the following things when you consume her blood: the Spectral Assassin power, the Jewlcrafting Table structure, and the Scourge Pendant, Scourgestone, and Skeleton Priest recipes.

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