V Rising Silver Coins Use

If you want to know how to use Silver Coins in V Rising, you’ve come to the right place. You can run into this type of currency relatively early on, but it feels more like a curse than a blessing. The game won’t even let you carry them for long, because they give you Silver Sickness and slowly sap your health. However, it’s a valuable resource that you shouldn’t just throw away. Here’s how it all works.

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v rising silver coins use
V Rising Silver Coins Use

How to Use Silver Coins in V Rising

To use Silver Coins in V Rising, you need two things. The first is the ability to change into your Human Form. You get this power after defeating Beatrice The Tailor, a level 38 boss. For more info on that, check out our V Rising Beatrice the Tailor boss. Once you change into a human, various wandering human merchants found around the map will trade with you. Give them the Silver Coins to purchase their wares, whatever they may be. In other words, even though you can start hoarding this resource fairly early, it won’t be much help until later in the game.

Now, the second thing you’ll need in order to handle Silver Coins is Silver Resistance. See, having the Coins in your inventory will impart Silver Sickness on you. After all, you are a vampire. The sickness will eventually kill you, so be sure to drop the Coins off in a stash as soon as you can. To use V Rising Silver coins without dying, you have to get the recipe for Silver Resistance by killing Raziel the Shepard, a level-60 boss. I mean, you can tote the Coins with you and trade before that point, so long as you have a strategy to heal up afterwards. Also, taking damage while in Human Form will drop the disguise, so plan accordingly.

how to use silver coins in v rising
Silver Coins give you Silver Sickness

And that’s basically all you need to know about the Silver Coins in general. To see it all in action, take a look at our video on the subject. If you’re having trouble with something else in V Rising, feel free to read some of our other guides, like Leandra The Shadow Priestess Location and Confined Castle Room.

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