Doors Dupe Survival Guide

Doors is a Roblox survival game in which you need to open doors to new rooms and avoid the so-called Entities that want to harm you. And if you are a seasoned Doors player, then you probably know how to avoid most of these Entities. However, the recent Doors Hotel update has added several new Entities, with a particularly tricky and horrifying one being the Dupe. To make sure that it doesn’t get you, you first need to understand how it functions in the game, as well as whether there are any items to use against it. In this Doors Dupe Survival Guide, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about the Dupe.

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Doors Dupe Survival Guide
Doors Dupe Survival Guide

How to Survive Dupe in Doors Roblox

First, let’s see what the Dupe is and how it functions. Its name is obviously inspired by the verb to dupe. Meaning – to trick someone. It tricks players by using fake numbered doors. So, you need to pay close attention to the number of the previous door and if the doors don’t match the logical numeral progression (for example, after door #13, there should be door #14, and so on), you’re most likely dealing with a Dupe. Also, the Dupe can sometimes scribble out the numbers on the doors. If that happens, it’s best to wait until Dupe gives itself away by making a noise that emanates from the fake door. Don’t try and open it, since the Dupe will take more than a third of your health if you do.

And now that you know how to identify Dupe doors, is there anything you can do to make the Dupe go away? Luckily, there is. You can get the Crucifix and use it on the door behind which the Dupe is hiding. Doing this will chain it to that floor, and also get you the Outwitted Achievement. Note that the Crucifix is a single-use item.

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