How to Download and Install Riders Republic Beta

The question of how to download and install the Riders Republic beta has become a burning question now that the “event” has kicked off. Another major question has been the release date and time of the Riders Republic beta. Well, we’ll be answering both questions in our How to Download and Install Riders Republic Beta guide. As it turns out, the system is relatively simple… if you actually got the key.

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how to download and install riders republic beta
How to Download and Install Riders Republic Beta

How to Download and Install Riders Republic Beta

To download and install the Riders Republic beta, you first need to have gotten an email from Ubisoft allowing you in. Doesn’t matter whether you’re hoping to get access via Uplay or you’ve registered for the chance to get into the beta, same rules apply for all. What you want to do is check your email for anything concerning Riders Republic. Be sure to check your Promotions tab and your spam folder, just in case it got lost there somewhere.

If you’ve gotten the email, click on it and scroll down to the pink “Confirm your participation” button. Click on it, and it’ll take you to a new window where you’ll have to sign in. Basically, just fill out the form and make sure to check all the necessary boxes. If you’ve done everything properly, you should get a new email confirming your sign-up. From there, boot up Ubisoft Connect, and you should find the Riders Republic beta installation under the My Games tab. Just install it from there, and you’re good to go.

Release Date & Time Riders Republic Beta

The release date and time of the Riders Republic beta is August 23rd at 12AM PT/3AM ET/8AM BST/9AM CEST. In other words, it’s already started, so get your rear in gear and check your inbox to see whether Ubisoft have selected you to participate. The “event” is scheduled to end on August 25th at 9AM PT/12PM ET/5PM BST/6PM CEST. By the way, you get to invite five friends to the beta, which is pretty great. Just keep in mind that you need a constant internet connection to play at all times, and none of the progress you make during the beta will carry over to the full game.

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