Valorant Error 43, 39 and 59 Code Fix

Valorant error code 39, 43 and 59 are fairly common problems that people encounter while playing, so of course they want to know how to fix them. Because these errors pop up relatively often, players have come up with ways to get around them, for the most part. In our Valorant Error 43, 39 and 59 Code Fix guide, we’ll share the info that we have and show you what you can do about them in each case.

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valorant error 43 39 and 59 code fix
Valorant Error 43, 39 and 59 Code Fix

Valorant Error 43 Code Fix

One potential fix for error code 43 in Valorant is to just restart your client. After all, the error message says “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.” So, do just that and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you might want to instead try and run the launcher as the administrator. Before you do that, though, there’s an extra step that might improve your chances. Go to your AppData folder, then open the folder marked Local, then Riot Games, then Riot Client, then Data. Find the RiotClientPrivateSettings.yaml and delete it, then try and run the client as the admin. It’s not a 100% guarantee, but worth a shot.

Error Code 39 Valorant Fix

Valorant error code 39 doesn’t really have a fix that you can implement on your end. Why? Because it usually appears when the servers are down. More often than not, that happens because the developers are implementing a new patch or going through routine server maintenance. Even if the servers are down due to something going wrong, there’s still nothing you can do about it. You just have to be patient until Riot brings the servers back up. While we’re on the subject, Riot has a website that tracks Valorant’s server status, and you can check it out here. Just choose your region to see whether the servers are down or not.

Valorant Error Code 59 Fix

To fix the Valorant error code 59, the first step is to restart your computer and relaunch the Riot client, then try to get into the game again. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling both Valorant and Riot Vanguard, then reinstall them. A fresh installation tends to get rid of the problem. Lastly, you can try running the client and the game as an administrator. If none of that works, I’m afraid that the only recourse left is to open a ticket via Riot’s support and hope for the best. By the way, in case you know of any other potential fix for this or any other problem mentioned in this guide, let us know in the comments below.

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