Drezen Puzzle - Sword of Valor Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

During the assault to retake Drezen in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you will be faced with a particularly difficult puzzle to get the Sword of Valor. Getting this holy banner will let you fly it from the walls of this fortress and that is when you will unlock your Mythic Paths and become even more powerful. However, getting to it isn’t that easy, for several reasons. In this Drezen Puzzle – Sword of Valor Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous guide, we will show you how to solve this puzzle, as well as provide you with some very useful tips and secrets concerning this section of the game.

Drezen Puzzle - Sword of Valor Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

How to Solve the Drezen Sword of Valor Puzzle

The thing is – you don’t have to. This actually isn’t the real Sword of Valor, but a decoy trap set by demons. There is a reason to solve it (loot, of course), but the authentic Sword of Valor is in another part of the Keep. The real one is in a room to the south, near the pit of corpses. This secret passageway is revealed to you by Yaniel. Now that you know that this puzzle is wholly optional, let’s get into the method for solving it.

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Now, before we begin, we have to point out that you can technically “solve” this just by rushing the traps and clicking on the banner itself. Depending on your difficulty settings and what sort of character you have making a run for it – their HP, resistances, if they’ve been magically buffed or not – you may survive this. But, if that isn’t the case, we have the entire solution for you in a screenshot down below. We’ve marked the correct sequence here, so just make sure that you have positioned the camera correctly as shown in the screenshot, and follow our instructions to solve it. Once everything is in the exact order, some demons will spawn in, so get ready for a fight.

How to solve the Drezen Sword of Valor Puzzle
The correct sequence to solve the Drezen Sword of Valor Puzzle.
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  1. B

    This is NOT the complete sequence!

    After you follow the picture, you have to click the CENTER button ONE more time to complete.

  2. D

    Don’t let Yaniel die after *First* encountering her (chained, so you can get her equipment like the cheesey cheese-monger you are) or it’ll bork the game’s progress and soft lock you out of going any further (no NPC will spawn to reveal the secret passageway in the Ghoul Pit after the Vrock appears)

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