Echocalypse Tier List

A post-apocalyptic sci-fi mobile strategy RPG, Echocalypse is a very unique-looking game, with a distinct visual style and interesting gameplay. Like most games of this type, it also comes with plenty of characters you can play with. Naturally, how you use them is the key to victory. Of course, some characters are simply better and more powerful than others. To save you the time you would have needed to spend figuring out which characters are the best (and which ones are the least powerful), our Echocalypse Tier List guide is here to explore the power levels of all of them, in an easy and accessible ranked list.

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Echocalypse Tier List
Echocalypse Tier List

Echocalypse Best and Worst Characters Ranked Tier List

Now, before we get into the rankings themselves, we have to point out a couple of things first. Namely, that these are only our rankings. You may have a completely different experience with the game, and that’s perfectly normal and to be expected. Also, you may like a character’s personality and look and that is why you keep playing with them over others. Again, this comes down to personal preference. Lastly, we have to note that you can play and finish the game with just about any characters you want to. This guide is only about analyzing and ranking which ones are the most powerful. With that said, let’s get into the rankings themselves:

  • S Tier. These are the absolute best characters in the game and they consist of: Horus, Audrey, Nile, Yora, Pan Pan, Lumin, Firentia, Levia, Fenriru, and Aiken.
  • A Tier. While not as powerful as S Tier, these are still some of the best picks: Set, Taisei, Shiyu, Nepthys, Kiki, Niz, Vivi, Toph, Brown, Albedo, Nue, Nephtys, Nyla, Shalltear, Zawa, Shinyu, Nightingale, Deena, Chiraha, Yulia, and Vera.
  • B Tier. Garula, Dorothy, Bastet, Kuri, Tawaret, Iori, Akira, Kimono, Wadjet, Ifurito, Beam, Raeon, Mori, and Gryph.
  • C Tier. Xen, Yanling, Nanook, Baphomet, Eriri, Rikin, Senko, Kurain, Sil, Katch, Taweret, Cayenne, Sova, Panther, Snezhana, Yarena, Aurora, Parvati, Babs, and Regina.
  • D Tier. Sui, Qurina, Valiant, Sasha, Luca, Pierrot, Raven, Koyama Dosen, Camelia, Niko, Shelly, Anina, and Stara.
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