Enter Secret Room with Red Vines, Shibuya Kagerie 24th Floor Ghostwire Tokyo

Like most open-world games, Ghostwire: Tokyo is also filled with many secrets to discover. Oftentimes, these come in the form of areas that you don’t know how to reach. One of the early examples of such a location comes in the form of a secret room with red vines surrounding it on the 24th floor of Shibuya Kagerie. You will come across this room during the course of the main story in the game, and you will no doubt be curious about how to get inside. Yes, you can get there, and our Enter Secret Room with Red Vines, Shibuya Kagerie 24th Floor Ghostwire Tokyo guide is going to show you how.

Enter Secret Room with Red Vines, Shibuya Kagerie 24th Floor Ghostwire Tokyo

How to Enter Secret Room with Red Vines, 24th floor Shibuya Kagerie in Ghostwire Tokyo

When you first encounter this room, you will probably try to enter it by forceful means. However, this isn’t what you need to do here – and no amount of attacking these red vines will make them disappear. No, what you need to do instead is to approach this location from another entry point. So go all the way down to street level and enter Shibuya Kagerie through the front entrance. Inside, you will come across an elevator. Use it to get up to the 24th floor.

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Get ready for a tough fight. If you are still underleveled, you may want to sit this one out until you get more XP. Taking some of the best starting skills will also make this battle a lot easier. In any case, once you beat all the spirits up there, you will be able to approach the red vines from inside and cleanse this spot. The most important bit of loot you will find here is the Hokusai Ukiyo-e – a relic that depicts the picture by famous Japanese artist Hokusai Katsuhika.

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  1. L

    Any chance at a map photo? I’ve gone around the base of the entire complex and can’t find the door from the photo 😅

    1. R
      Rio in Red

      It’s on the 4th floor, not the ground level.

    2. A

      It’s not at the very ground level. I just did the same thing! It’s actually on the 4th floor, take the colorful stairs up to an escalator then take that as well and you’ll be on the 4th floor. Turn right to another escalator but don’t take that one, go past it and underneath it and back a bit will be the entrance to the elevator.

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