Ghostwire Tokyo Best Starting Skills

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a highly-anticipated action-adventure. Made by the same studio responsible for The Evil Within series, GW:T has fascinated players ever since it was first announced back in 2019. Based on Japanese mythology and spiritualism, this game allows you to do interact and battle all sorts of ghostly adversaries. Of course, you will have many skills available at your disposal to achieve this. But, like in every game of this type, the question remains – what are the best starting skills in Ghostwire: Tokyo? We’re here to help you answer this very question.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Best Starting Skills

Which Ability Skills to Choose in Ghostwire Tokyo

Skills in GW:T are divided into mobility, offensive, and QoL upgrades. Each skill will make you more powerful, so you will want to level up as quickly as you can. Of course, at the beginning of the game, you will need to make hard choices over which skills to pick. For example, the Amenotori X Grapple is an excellent skill that will allow you to live out your Spider-Man fantasy, and make moving across the city significantly easier.

Fudo I is a great early pick. This skill will increase the time that an enemy’s core is exposed. It synergizes really well with Kukurihime I, which speeds up enemy core extraction speed. The Tatenui I skill will reward you for performing perfect blocks. Omoigane I increases the range for Spectral Vision, allowing you to spot more spirits and get more XP out of them.

Ghostwire Tokyo Best Ethereal Weaving Skills

Ethereal Weaving skills are divided into Wind, Fire, and Water skills. Wind is, naturally, made up of quick-fire bursts that deal less damage. In contrast, Fire will deal a lot of damage, but you won’t be able to fire off as many shots of this. Finally, Water deals in long blasts that deal AoE damage. Our go-to pick here is Wind, and we advise you to invest in this Ethereal Weaving. To do this, pick Shinatobe I and II as early as you can. These allow you to use Wind blasts even quicker. Follow this with Takehaya I and II, which shorten the charge-up time for charged attacks.

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